The Edogawa Waterfront Sports Garden in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo is also known as the Edogawa Mizube No Sports Garden and is located on the former banks of the Edogawa River.

The park has a baseball field, tennis courts, futsal courts, a jogging course, roller courts, and other sports facilities.

Various types of rentals are available, so visitors can enjoy the park even if they come empty-handed. Beginner roller skating classes are also held, so beginners can give it a try.

Edogawa Mizube No Sports Garden
Edogawa Mizube No Sports Garden
Park Name Edogawa Waterside Sports Garden
(Edogawa Mizube No Sports Garden)
Park Address 2-4 Higashi-Shinozaki, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Stretch playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Futsal field, jogging course, tennis court, roller court, baseball field
Multipurpose square (artificial turf) Tennis court Tennis and futsal court
Roller skating rink Parking lot (fee required) Old Edo River running beside the park
Youth baseball field Jogging course Various stretching equipment
Stretch playground equipment (hanging) Stretch equipment (slanting water) Stretch playground equipment (stair climbing)
Stores & Management Office Park Signage Park Information Map

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