The unimaginatively named Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Square in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, is a plaza located on the roof of the Kitatama No. 2 Water Reclamation Center, with tennis courts, tennis wall, baseball field, basketball court, jogging course and other sports facilities.

In addition, there is a health playground and children’s playground equipment. Many recycled products are used in the park, such as soft woody pavement made of reused domestic conifer bark, and rubber chip pavement with high cushioning properties made of reused tire waste.

Access is a 10-minute walk from Yagawa Station on the JR Nambu Line.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive
Park Name Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Square
(Riyu Iikei Suido Yori Jiyu Hiroba)
Park Address 1-24-45 Izumi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, swings, spring playground equipment, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, tennis court, jogging course, baseball field
Combination Playground Equipment Swing set Spring playground equipment
Jogging course (496 m per lap) Baseball field (youth baseball and softball) Tennis courts (4 courts)
Basketball court Parking lot Park Map

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