Located in Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, between the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo and Nippon Medical School, Nezu shrine has a long history, having been founded in Sendagi over 1900 years ago.

It is also known for the gorgeous Azalea Festival held in spring. The deities enshrined at the shrine are Susano-no-mikoto, Oyamakui-no-mikoto, and Homudawake-no-mikoto.

The deity’s divine virtues include the prevention of bad luck, business prosperity, business reflection, matchmaking, family safety, and traffic safety. During Hatsumode (New Year’s visit), the shrine is surrounded by important cultural properties and greenery and is crowded with worshippers.

Many people also visit the temple for a stroll. The temple is about a 5-minute walk from Nezu Station, Sendagi Station, and Todaimae Station on the subway line.

Parking is available for approximately 23 cars, but during the New Year’s holiday period, we recommend using public transportation or a nearby toll parking lot.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

Park Name Nezu Shrine (Nezu Jinja)
Address 1-28-9 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Access (by train)
  • Subway Chiyoda Line Nezu station about 0.7 km
  • Subway Chiyoda Line Sendagi station about 0.7 km
  • Subway Namboku Line Todaimae station about 0.7 km
  • Subway Mita Line Hakusan station about 1.0 km
  • JR Ueno Station about 2.1 km *Bus (Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau) available
Access (by car)
  • Ueno Exit, Metropolitan Expressway No. 1 Ueno Line About 2.6 km
  • Metropolitan Expressway No.1 Ueno Line Iidabashi Exit about 4.2 km
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Gate of Nezu Shrine The tower gate of Nezu Shrine Karamon Gate of Nezu Shrine
1310551004_05 1310551004_06 1310551004_07
The main shrine pavilion of Nezu Shrine The main shrine pavilion of Nezu Shrine Torii gate of Nezu Shrine

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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