The Natsu no Kumo Park also known as the wonderfully named Summer Cloud Park is located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, and consists of a children’s playground, a sun playground, a sports square, a jabu-jabu pond, and tennis courts.

The park is equipped with a ropeway, combination playground equipment for children, and health and fitness equipment for adults as well.

Natsu no Kumo Park Nerima
Natsu no Kumo Park Nerima
Park Name Natsunokumo Park
Park Address 3-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment, ropeway, slide, iron bars, swings, health equipment
Facilities and equipment Tennis court, basketball goal, water playground
Slides Swings Ropeway
Combination playground equipment Spring playground equipment Iron bar
Health playground equipment (sit-ups) Health playground equipment (climbing) Health playground equipment (climbing bars)
Health playground equipment (Parallel bars & Iron bars & Jumping touch) Health playground equipment (sit-ups bench) Health playground equipment (ladder)
Health equipment (Hanging bar) Health and fitness equipment (Tai Chi – Yun Te) Health equipment (waist and thigh exerciser)
Health and fitness equipment (Waist twister) Health and fitness equipment (back stretching bench) Health Apparatus (Ladder)
Basketball goal Water playground Tennis court
Wanchaku Hiroba (children’s playground) Sun Plaza Nobi Nobi Square
Sports Square Rest area Ginkgo Biloba trees (Liaison passage)

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