The expansive Mizumoto Park (水元公園, Mizumoto Kōen) is a spacious public park located in the Katsushika ward of Tokyo, Japan. Covering an area of about 93 hectares (230 acres), it is the largest park within the 23 special wards of Tokyo.

Mizomoto Park

The park is known for its lush greenery, beautiful water features, and diverse flora and fauna, providing a peaceful retreat from the busy city. It is also the only park in Tokyo with a view of a water village built along Koai-tamenuri.

Mizomoto Park

Some key features of Mizumoto Park include:

  • Ponds and waterways: The park contains several ponds and waterways that provide habitats for various aquatic plants, birds, and fish. The ponds are connected by streams, making it an ideal location for birdwatching and nature photography.
  • Iris garden: Mizumoto Park boasts an iris garden with around 14,000 plants of 80 different species. The garden is particularly beautiful during the blooming season, which typically occurs in late May and early June.
  • Barbecue area: The park has a designated barbecue area where visitors can enjoy outdoor cooking with friends and family.
  • Cherry blossoms: Like many other parks in Japan, Mizumoto Park is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing during the spring season, attracting many visitors for hanami (flower viewing) picnics.
  • Playground and sports facilities: The park also has a playground for children and sports facilities, including a baseball field, making it suitable for families and sports enthusiasts.

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Mizomoto Park

The park has a 1.2-km line of poplar trees more than 20 meters tall, the largest metasequoia forest in a metropolitan park, and an abundance of trees, making it a beautiful park with scenic beauty.

The Bird Sanctuary provides three viewing sites for waterfront birds.

Mizomoto Park

In addition, at the Hanashobuen, the largest iris garden in Tokyo, you can see 200,000 irises of about 100 varieties during the season, and an iris festival is held there.

During the cherry blossom season, the cherry blossoms in the park are also beautiful, and families and friends will be able to enjoy nature in a park with beautiful flowers as well as trees.

Mizumoto Park Cherry Blossom

In the surrounding area, the Edogawa River flows on the east side, and you can take a walk in the surrounding park or along the riverbed.

Mizumoto Park is accessible via public transportation, with the nearest train station being Kanamachi Station on the JR Joban Line and the Keisei Kanamachi Line. From the station, the park is about a 20-minute walk or a short bus ride away.

Mizomoto Park

Please note that park hours and facility availability may change due to seasonal variations or special events, so it’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the local ward office for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.

Mizomoto Park

Park NameMizumoto Park
Park Address3, Mizumoto Koen, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipmentCombination playground equipment, climbing equipment, spring playground equipment, trampoline, athletic equipment, slide, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipmentDog run, fishing area, barbecue area, water playground
TrapolineRopewayTrapoline (small)
Combination Playground EquipmentCombination climbing equipmentHealth Playground Equipment
Spring Playground EquipmentAthletic playground equipmentBird Sanctuary
Koaime PondGonpachi PondFountain Plaza
Poplar treesCentral SquareOutdoor stage
Fishing groundBarbecue plazaHanashobu Garden Free Plaza
Memorial SquareSeseragi SquareAdventure Plaza
RyoteiGreen PlazaService Center
Jiyu PlazaTogane-cho Sports Ground (youth baseball field)Multipurpose Sports Ground
PromenadeOba RiverMizumoto Bridge
Hanashobu GardenGonpachi PondAquatic Botanical Garden

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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