Komon Bridge is the only brick arch bridge in Tokyo. The bridge’s name, Komon (lock gate) refers to the weir used to control the water level, flow and volume.

In the Edo period (Hoei era), this was a flooded area of the Furutone River because of the complicated topography of the Furutone River (the present Nakagawa River) and the Oiai River (the present Oba River and Oiai Tame).

It is said that the lock gate and the bridge were built to prevent the backflow of the Furutone River and the Oiai River and to secure the water source for paddy fields, and also as a distribution channel for the Iwatsuki Kaido Road.

Komon Bridge Katsushika

Komon Bridge Information

NameKomon Bridge
(Lock Gate Bridge)
Hours24-hour (e.g. observation, operation (of a machine), care (of patient))
Closedwithout a holiday
Address6, Higashimizumoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

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