Here’s our picks for the best parks in Michida, Tokyo

Koyama Uchinaira Park

Image Source: Tokyo Navi vai archive

This is a metropolitan park centered on the Tama Hills in Machida City and Hachioji City, in the western part of Tama New Town. A large part of the 46-hectare park is off-limits to visitors because it has been designated as a “sanctuary” for the purpose of preserving the natural flora and fauna.

Tsuruma Park

This large, green park is a 3-minute walk from Minami-Machida Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. The park is surrounded by cedar, konara oak, and other wooded areas where visitors can enjoy relaxing forest bathing, as well as tennis courts and a grass field for sports activities.

Nozuda Park

This is a large park located in the Tama Hills almost due north of Machida Station in Machida City. It is rich in nature and has a full range of sports facilities. It is home to Machida City’s only track and field stadium, which has an all-weather track built to the same specifications as the National Stadium, and is also the home of FC Machida Zelvia soccer team.

Sawayado Nature Park

Sawayado Nature Park is a park with a fountain plaza, lawn plaza, children’s plaza, multipurpose plaza, azalea garden, and a regulating pond. The park is rich in nature, including trees, and is equipped with combination playground equipment, maze playground equipment, health equipment, and basketball goals. There are also large monuments with the names of Wind Stage, Wind Footsteps, and Wind Path.

Serigaya Park

Image Source: Tokyo Navi vai archive

Serigaya Park in Machida City, Tokyo, is home to the International Museum of Graphic Arts, and the park is also decorated with various objects. The park has a rainbow and water plaza, a multipurpose plaza, an adventure plaza, a lawn, etc. The park is rich in nature, especially the water playground facilities such as the Arch Fountain and the rainbow and water plaza.

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