Located in Setagaya Ward, Soshigaya Park stretches on both sides of the Senkawa River, which runs north-south through the park, and is still being gradually developed.

On the east side of the Senkawa River, there are active facilities such as tennis courts and an athletic field as well as a playground, while the west side is a walking area full of greenery, including a field and Fureai-no-mori forest, where there are many trees and flowers to see.

In addition, a wetland botanical garden and a wisteria trellis are located in the southeast part of the park, where visitors can enjoy a variety of plants and flowers.

In spring, the cherry blossoms along the river are beautiful, and the cherry trees lining the west side of the Senkawa River are known as “cherry blossoms of the homeland,” making it a good place to view the cherry blossoms.

Nearby Kinuta Park is located downstream of the Senkawa River, so you can also enjoy a cherry blossom tour.

Park Name Sosashiya Park
Park Address 3, 4 Kamiosogaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, swings, locomotive playground equipment, wide slider
Facilities and equipment Tennis court, basketball goal, skate park, gate ball field
1311201003_03 1311201003_04
Combination Playground Equipment Combination playground equipment for toddlers Locomotive playground equipment
1311201003_05 1311201003_06-2 1311201003_07
Wide slide Swing set (2 players) Swing set (4 players)
1311201003_08 1311201003_09 1311201003_10
Tennis court Gate ball field Basketball goal
1311201003_11 1311201003_12 1311201003_13
Lawn square Senkawa River Waterfront terrace
1311201003_14 1311201003_15 1311201003_16
Herb garden Skateboarding area Park Information Board

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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