Kurihara Central Park in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a park with playground equipment and a plaza located in a residential area in Kurihara, Adachi-ku.

The park is planted with cherry trees and is a perfect place for local residents to enjoy cherry blossom viewing during the spring cherry blossom season, take a short walk, or take a break.

There is also a basketball post where neighborhood students and children enjoy playing basketball.

The park is also equipped with fitness equipment and a colorful playground complex, making it a place for families and other local residents to relax.

Park Name Kurihara Central Park
Park Address 4-7-23 Kurihara, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment
1312101006_02 1312101006_03 1312101006_04
Combination playground equipment Health playground equipment (suspension rings) Health playground equipment (sit-ups and back-ups)
1312101006_05 1312101006_06 1312101006_07
Rest benches Monument commemorating the completion of Kurihara Central Park Park sign

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