DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, is a complex facility built in 2012 in the Tokyo waterfront subcenter area based on the concept of a “theater-type urban space. The facility includes a shopping mall, food court, restaurant floor, GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO, Round One, etc.

Facility Name (DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Facility Address 1-1-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
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Official Site DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
1310861008_02 1310861008_03 1310861008_04
DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Entrance DiverCity Tokyo Floors DiverCity Tokyo Office Tower Entrance
1310861008_05 1310861008_06 1310861008_07
Tokyo Gourmet Stadium Gourmet stores (Auntie Anne’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts) Round One
1310861008_08 1310861008_09 1310861008_10
1310861008_11 1310861008_12 1310861008_13
Life-size standing Gundam statue Standing Gundam statue Gundam installed in Festival Square
1310861008_14 1310861008_15 1310861008_16
Panoramic view of DiverCity Tokyo DiverCity Tokyo from the sky DiverCity Tokyo Plaza & Office Tower
1310861008_17 1310861008_18 1310861008_19
Winter illumination 1 Winter illumination 2 Winter Special Illumination
1310861008_20 1310861008_21 1310861008_22
Gundam standing statue seen from the front Gundam standing statue seen from the slope Standing Gundam seen from the back

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