In a universe where tiny treats and diet trends dominate, Burger King Japan has thrown caution to the wind and said, “Let’s get chunky!” Say hello to the Crown the One-Pounder, a burger that isn’t just big—it’s royally huge!

Burger King Japan The One Pounder
Burger King Japan The One Pounder

Kicking off on August 11th, this mammoth munch is available for a limited time and in limited quantities. You’ve been warned.

When Cheese Dreams Become Reality!

Burger King Japan The One Pounder
Burger King Japan The One Pounder

Fancy a cheeseburger? How about a burger where the cheese practically is the burger? The One-Pounder boasts a “Cheese Crown Bun” that doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. Here’s the cheesy breakdown:

  • Gouda: Your tangy, teasing friend.
  • Egmont: Gentle, mellow, and all kinds of dreamy.
  • Mozzarella: Sweet lil’ thing it is.
  • Cheddar: And again, because why not double the fun?

After fermenting this cheesy concoction, it’s baked to perfection. But let’s dive deeper, shall we?

In between those cheesy heavens? Hold tight:

  • Four beef patties (two’s company, four’s a party!).
  • Six slices of rich cheddar cheese. No, that wasn’t a typo. Six.
  • Zingy pickles to shake things up.
  • Fresh onions to keep it real.

The result? A burger so full of beef and cheese, you might just believe in love at first bite.

Size Does Matter

Weighing in like a heavyweight champ at 502 grams and packing a punch of 1,399kcal, this isn’t for the faint-hearted or small-stomached! Nervous about handling this titan? Ask for a “half-cut” and start your delicious journey from its cheesy, juicy center.

The Royal Price Tag & A Little Something Extra

As they say, quality comes at a price. The Crown the One-Pounder comes in at 2,040 yen. But wait! Each purchase comes with a complimentary original sticker, because who doesn’t love freebies? But hurry, it’s while stocks last.

So, Tokyo foodies, ready to embark on this burger bonanza? Race to your nearest Burger King and dive into this regal feast. And hey, if you’re brave enough, share your burger-tastic experience online!

For all the juicy deets, swing by Burger King’s official site. 🍔👑🎉

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