There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with a delightful bowl of shaved ice. And when it’s a gathering of over 50 types of unique shaved ice from all around Japan? Pure bliss!

Local Shaved Ice Festival 2023

Local Shaved Ice Festival
Local Shaved Ice Festival

From August 11th to 20th, the vibrant city of Koshigaya in Saitama will be the hotspot for all shaved ice enthusiasts. Why? Because the Aeon Lake Town will be hosting the 10th annual Local Shaved Ice Festival 2023. Ten whole days of icy, flavorful goodness awaits!

So, What’s on the Menu?

If you think shaved ice is just about flavored syrup on ice, then think again! This festival is a deep dive into the world of gourmet shaved ice.

  1. Traditional Shaved Ice: Crafted using naturally frozen ice, this delicacy is a treat to the senses.
  2. Fruit-Infused Shaved Ice: Imagine biting into ice and getting a burst of fresh fruit flavors! Yes, they shave the ice along with actual fruits.
  3. Dessert Styled Shaved Ice: Ever thought of a shaved ice that looks and tastes like a patisserie chef’s cake? It’s real and it’s spectacular.
  4. Traditional Japanese Sweets Inspired Shaved Ice: For those who have a thing for traditional Japanese sweets, this will be a delightful twist.

The highlight? The “Strawberry Snow”, a special dish crafted by freezing local Koshigaya strawberries and shaving them into a fine, icy delicacy. And let’s not forget the international stars – from Taiwanese shaved ice, Filipino Halo-Halo, to a spicy kick with the Mexican shaved ice, there’s something for every palate.

Prices? They mostly hover between 700 to 1,000 yen. And it’s cash-only at the stalls, so come prepared!

A pro-tip from the organizers: Expect waiting times of around 20 minutes on weekdays and about 40 minutes on weekends. Considering the scorching sun, bringing along heatstroke-prevention items like hats, parasols, and fans is a great idea. And since there’s a chance of rain, an umbrella might be a savior!

Festival Details At A Glance

Local Shaved Ice Festival
Local Shaved Ice Festival
  • Dates: August 11th (Fri & Holiday) to August 20th (Sun)
  • Time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (closes at 5:00 pm on the final day)
  • Location: Aeon Lake Town Mori, 1st Floor, Fountain Plaza
  • Address: 3-1-1 Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama
  • Entry: Absolutely free!

Featured Stalls

  • LOVE’S from Tochigi, with their Nikko natural ice
  • AOI from Ibaraki, showcasing Japanese fruit-flavored shaved ice
  • Roman-Tei from Chiba, with their patisserie styled shaved ice
  • Yuki Kasha from Tokyo, boasting their Mt. Fuji natural ice
  • Ogawa from Shizuoka with a special Oden-flavored treat
  • Matsukaze-An Kanesue from Kagawa with their Sanuki dessert crafts
  • EENA Cafe from Miyazaki with a tropical shaved ice vibe
  • And many more, including the international shaved ice store – Local Shaved Ice Research Institute.

For more deets, check out this link.

So, are you ready for the ultimate shaved ice experience? Mark your calendar, gather your buddies, and head on to the Local Shaved Ice Festival in Koshigaya. It’s going to be a frosty fiesta! 🍧🎉

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