The observation lounge of Bunkyo Civic Tower in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo is located on the 25th floor of Bunkyo Civic Tower and offers a free view of the city.

From the observation lounge, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree, Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku subcenter, Mt.

It is open from 9:00 to 20:30 and closed during the year-end and New Year holidays and the third Sunday in May.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Facility Name (Bunsho Bikkoku Tower (Bunsho Bikkoku Tower)
Facility Address 1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Official Site Bunkyo Civic Tower
Exterior view of the building View from the 25th floor of Bunkyo Civic Center The observation lounge on the 25th floor
Tokyo Dome City can be seen below Recommended view points of Tokyo Sky Tree Skyscrapers in Shinjuku subcenter
Rekigawa Park Koishikawa Botanical Garden Restaurants with a view
Tokyo Sky Tree Light-up (night view) Night view from the observatory (toward Ikebukuro) Night view from the observation deck (toward Shinjuku)
25th Floor Guide Map Facility Signs Observation Lounge open hours (9:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.)

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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