The observation deck of Tokyo Tower in Minato-ku, Tokyo, offers views on three floors: the first floor of the Main Observatory (145 meters), the second floor of the Main Observatory (150 meters), and the Special Observatory (250 meters).

You can see the Rinkai subcenter to the east, Roppongi Hills to the west, Tokyo Bay and Tokyo International Airport to the south, and Tokyo Sky Tree to the north.

While there are many newer and higher observation decks in Tokyo, there is something nostalgic about visiting the Original Tokyo Tower.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Facility Name (Tokyo Tower)
Facility Address 4-2-8, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Official Site Tokyo Tower
1310361001_52 1310361001_53 1310361001_54
Main Observatory 1st floor (145m) Rental Scope Booth Look Down Window
1310361001_55 1310361001_56 1310361001_57
Tokyo Sky Tree View from the 2nd floor of the Main Observatory (150m) Panoramic view of the Tokyo waterfront subcenter including Fuji TV and Rainbow Bridge
1310361001_58 1310361001_59 1310361001_60
Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower (angle from below) Tokyo Tower seen from Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View

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