Akishima Eco Park in Akishima City, Tokyo, was established as a symbolic base for the regeneration of Musashino’s natural environment and is located next to the Environmental Community Center.

The park is divided into a field zone, a sports zone, a green nurturing zone, a green recycling zone, and a dog run field. The park is divided into a field zone, sports zone, green nurturing zone, green recycling zone, and dog run field.

The sports zone is equipped with large combination playground equipment, basketball goals, soccer goals, and other equipment.

Akishima City Eco Park


Park Name (Akishima Eco-Park)
Park Address 3-8-1 Miboricho, Akishima City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, iron bars, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, dog run, jogging course, soccer field
Combination Playground Equipment Iron bars Stretching equipment
Basketball goal Soccer field Jogging track
Dog run Field zone Park road
Restroom Bus stop in front of the park
Parking lot Park Sign Park Map

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