The camp practice area at Oyato Park in Tama City, Tokyo, is 800 square meters in size and has a capacity for 120 people. The facility includes a cooking area, campfire circle, tent site space (15 tents), and a parking lot for loading and unloading campers.

Reservations are required to use the facility. Free rental of camping tents, hammocks, griddles, kettles, etc. are also available.

Park Name Oyato Park
Park Address 5-17-1 Renkoji, Tama City, Tokyo
1322401003_62 1322401003_63 1322401003_64
Cooking facilities Camping practice area 12 kamado (total of 12)
1322401003_65 1322401003_66 1322401003_67
Parking lot for loading and unloading campers Camping Practice Area Sign Camping Practice Area Information Board

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