Yagiri no Watashi is the only traditional ferryboat left in Tokyo and runs from Shibamata. The boat crosses the Edo River and enters Chiba Prefecture on the other side of the Edogawa river.

Yagiri no Watashi

There are no large facilities on the Chiba Prefecture side and no bridges nearby, so basically, once you cross the river, you will soon be back on the Yagiri no Watashi again to return.

Yagiri no Watashi

On the Katsushika Prefecture side, there are monuments such as the tomb of Ito Saichio’s Nogiku, Shibamata Teishakuten and the surrounding shopping streets.

The Shibamata Teishakuten area and Yagiri Watashi were selected as one of the 100 best soundscapes in Japan.

Yagiri no Watashi Information

NameYagiri no Watashi
Hours9:00 – sunset
ClosedWeekdays during winter (December to February) (open on Kushin no Hi, year-end and New Year holidays)
Open during other times of the year.
FeeOne way 100 yen for adults, 50 yen for elementary school students and under
Address7-18 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To The Yagiri no Watashi

10 minutes from Shibamata Station on the Keisei Kanamachi Line

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