Kawasemi is the Japanese word for Kingfisher and the purpose of Mizumoto Kawasemi no Sato is to return this section of Mizumoto Park to the state it was in during the early 1950s when it was inhabited by a rich variety of animals and birdlife.

You can observe kingfishers up close and other birds that now flock to the area.

Mizumoto Kawasemi no Sato Information

NameMizumoto Kawasemi no Sato
ClosedMondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday), Year-end and New Year holidays
Address8-3, Mizumoto Koen, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To Mizumoto Kawasemi no Sato

  • From Kanamachi Station on both the Keisei and JR Lines, take the Keisei Bus bound for Togasaki Jyushaiba to Mizumoto 5-chome, or get off at Ohbagawa, then 5 minutes on foot from the Oobagawa bus stop.
  • Or From JR Kameari Station, take the Tobu Bus bound for Misato Station or Misato City Hall, get off at Mizumoto Sarumachi and walk about 5 minutes.

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