Important Update on September 30, 2023: Today, September 30th is the last day you can buy a JR pass at the old prices. Almost all sellers have already increased prices or have not promised to honor the old price. As far as we know Klook is the only seller who has promised to keep the old price (and honor all sales) right up until 11.59 pm September 30th. Note that this is Japan Time which is before both US and European time.

Here’s the Klook page with the lower prices

When traveling to Japan, options for buying your Japan Rail Pass seem to rival the number of Shinkansen bullet trains zipping across the country at any one moment. So, where should you put down your yen for this iconic travel pass?

Much like choosing between a bustling izakaya or a quiet sushi bar, it boils down to your budget, travel personality, and timing. Welcome to the world of buying your JR Rail. Let’s dive in as we review the best places to buy your Japan Rail Pass

Update on September 24 2023: With the clock ticking down on the huge 60% JR Pass plus price rise in October, some sellers are already raising their prices early. One seller will put their prices up on September 25th, but Klook has vowed to keep the old prices right up until September 30, 2023. Klook explains it in this article very well.  Also, note that these dates are based on Japan time so will be earlier than in the US.

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In A Rush?

If you’re in a rush here’s a quick Rundown On where to buy your Japan Rail Pass before coming to Japan

Company Cost of Pass (USD) Postage How to Buy
Klook (Top Pick) $206 Quick Post included Buy from Klook $214.50 Courier included Buy from website
JTB $213.34 Free or $13 couriered Contact Your Local Office
Get Your Guide $222.89 Courier included Buy from Get Your Guide $216 Courier included Buy from

Note: The Klook Price goes down to $202 with the discount link (see below)

Note: AS of September 24 2023, Klook is having a 9th birthday sale (for just a few days) and you can receive $50 US discount off a purchase. This would bring the price down to just 156 US which is by far the best price.

Klook Discount Code For Japan Rail Pass
Klook Discount Code For Japan Rail Pass

The Code is FINALE50USD and you need to validate it on this Klook Page. There are also a number of other big discounts for TeamLab, The Tokyo Skytree, WIFI and other regional Rail Passes.

Where You Should Buy Your Japan Rail Pass

Before we send you down the rabbit hole of this (in all honesty much too long ) guide, If you just want to get the cheapest deal with the best service we highly recommend buying with Klook which is the best value and ships worldwide within 5 days.

First, a quick background. In the not-too-distant past, you could only snatch up your Japan Rail Pass from third-party platforms and exclusively from locations outside Japan.

The logic was straightforward: the pass was designed for visitors to Japan, which meant every potential user was likely based overseas, thus eliminating the need for sales within Japan.

Japan Rail Pass

However, the game has changed in recent times. You can now bag your JR Pass right in Japan, however, it will cost about 12 percent more than if you pre-purchase from abroad.

So whether you prefer to stroll into a JR Pass ticket office or want to swiftly order online before setting off on your epic journey, both options are on the table.

This fresh twist has widened the choice of where to get your JR Pass but also added a sprinkle of complexity: how do you pick the perfect spot to buy your pass? To help you navigate this decision, let’s look into some situations where it might be smarter to buy your Japan Rail Pass via a third party, or better to grab it directly from Japan Rail in Japan.

Upcoming Japan Rail Pass Price Hike: What You Need to Know

Akita Shinkansen

To complicate things even further, if you’re planning a trip to Japan later this year, you might want to sit up and take note of this little nugget of news. Starting from October 1, 2023, your trusty JR Pass is about to become a bit pricier. Yes, you read it right! The price tag will be ramping up by nearly 70% more than the current rates. So, if you’re planning to explore the Land of the Rising Sun from October onwards, timing your JR Pass purchase just right could save you a pretty penny.

How To Purchase Before The Price Jump

Now here’s the kicker: you can still snag your JR Pass at the present price until September 30, 2023. After that date, be ready to shell out a bit more for the pass. This price surge isn’t just limited to the JR Pass, as most regional JR passes are also getting a makeover with a price hike in the ballpark of 50%.

Understanding the 90-Day Activation Window

Here’s how it works: your JR Pass purchase comes with a 90-day activation window from the day you buy it to the day you exchange your voucher for the actual pass in Japan. This means if you manage to get your hands on a JR Pass by September 30, 2023, you can bask in the glory of current prices and activate it up until December 28, 2023.

So, if your Japan adventure falls anywhere between Now to December 2023, you can still enjoy the present prices and revel in the knowledge that you were one of the last to have ever used this great pass at its old price.

What’s New in the Pricier JR Pass?

Now, let’s talk about the extra perks coming along with the new price. The updated Japan Rail pass is throwing in a few additional benefits. You’ll be able to use your pass on the sleek Nozumi and Mizuho shinkansen trains. But keep in mind, these speedy rides come with a supplemental fee.

In a nutshell, if you’re Japan-bound later this year, act fast and buy your JR Pass before the price hike kicks in. It’s all about playing the savvy traveler card, and you’ve got this.

Where You Should Buy Your Japan Rail Pass: The Options

Japan Rail Pass

If cost-effectiveness tops your priority list, a third-party supplier should be your go-to.

The most glaring contrast between acquiring the pass directly from Japan and via a third-party supplier lies in the price. A JR Pass purchased in or from Japan typically costs around 12% more than one sourced from platforms like Klook or

Let’s talk specifics. Here are the exact prices in yen for a selection of adult passes, and you’ll notice similar discrepancies for children’s passes and other lengths of Green Car passes:

Type of Pass In Japan Outside of Japan Difference
7 Day Ordinary Car 33610 29650 (Buy Now) 3960
14 Day Ordinary Car 52960 47250 (Buy Now) 5710
21 Day Ordinary Car 66200 60450 (Buy Now) 5750
7 Day Green Car 44810 39600 (Buy Now) 5210

One crucial thing to note is the impending shift in the pricing structure for the Japan Rail Pass. This revamp will level the playing field, making the cost to buy the pass in or from Japan equivalent to buying from a third party.

You can find more details about the implications of this new pricing scheme here.

Should your travel plans fall before December 28th, 2023, you can still snag a pass at the old price. Scroll down to point 6 for more insights on this, or click to jump straight to the section detailing how to purchase the JR Pass at the old rate.

Best PacesTo Buy Your JR Pass

With all the suppliers, making the best choice for your JR Pass can be quite a task. Here’s a closer look at a few key contenders. As stated we highly recommend Klook and if it’s nearing the end of September and you want to buy at the old prices then unlike other sellers, Klook has promised to keep the old prices right up until September 30th.

Company Cost of Pass (USD) Postage How to Buy
Klook (Top Pick) $206 Quick Post included Buy from Klook $214.50 Courier included Buy from website
JTB $213.34 Free or $13 couriered Contact Your Local Office
Get Your Guide $222.89 Courier included Buy from Get Your Guide $216 Courier included Buy from

Note: The Klook Price goes down to $202 with the discount link (see below)

Buying Your JR Pass From Klook

Buying A Japan Rail Pass From Klook

Known for its extensive global reach and providing travel services for numerous destinations, Klook has a proven track record in the industry. Not just limited to JR Passes, Klook offers a wide variety of services including sightseeing tours, unique experiences, local transport tickets, and more.

Our recent purchase of JR passes through Klook for an impending journey not only offer convenience but also a first-hand experience of the service we recommend. They delivered the passes within a swift four-day window and included a handy digital guide that aids in understanding the usage of the passes—a testament to their customer-centric approach.

They also offer free worldwide shipping which means that when overall costs are factored in they almost always are the cheapest site to buy your Japan Rail Pass.

Is Klook Safe To Buy A Japan Rail Pass?

When you are looking over so much money in one go you want to be sure the company is legit and Klook is most certainly that. It’s a Hong Kong bassed company and in all likelihood the largest seller of Japan Rail Passes outside of JR itself. Klook doesn’t have hidden card or shipping fees and they are one of the most transparent suppliers. They have also guaranteed lower prices if purchased on or before September 30, 2023, which makes them a great choice is you are racing against time to beat the price hike.

Another thing we like about Klook is their site has some really high-quality reviews and plenty of user pictures. It’s also useful for purchasing regional JR passes and tickets to attractions such as Shibuya Sky or The SkyTree.

Can I Use A Discount Coupon To Buy The JR Rail Pass With Klook?

Officially no. But being the savvy internet sleuths we are here at Tokyo Park we managed to track one down. It’s not a code, but a special link that will automatically take $5 off the price of your JR rail pass.

Make sure to click the link immediately before checking out and it should automatically apply the discount (last tested on August 2nd, 2023). It’s only 5 dollars off, but better than nothing and this makes Klook easily the cheapest overall place to buy your Japan Rail Pass.

Klook Japan Rail Dicount Link

Give it a try. Did it work? You should see the following screen

Klook Discount Coupon For Japan Rail Pass

If that didn’t work you can also go to Klook’s Japan Rail Pass page, enter your pass details, and then add the following code at checkout: ANJ44

More: Klook JR Pass Review: Is Klook The Best Place To Buy Your Japan Rail Passes?

Buying Your JR Rail Pass From

Despite some confusion, is the official Japan Rail Pass site operated by Japan Rail. If you need to buy your pass from within Japan this is the site you will do it from.

The catch? As we have seen it’s about 12 percent more expensive to pre-purchasing your passes online from sites suck as Klook. For example, a 7-day pass will lighten your load of pennies by 33,610 Yen compared to 29650 Yen with pre-purchasing (assuming you purchase before the price hike)

After the price hike on October 1st, it is not 100 percent clear but it seems that the new much higher prices will be the same. If this scenario does play out then from October 1st it would appear to be most people’s best choice to buy directly from However, with the new pricing, the passes will only make sense if you plan to do a LOT of Shinkansen travel.

JTB For Direct Office Pickups

If you don’t feel comfortable buying online and want to go into an office personally then JTB is a great option.

One of the largest travel agencies in Japan, JTB has a long-standing reputation and a robust global presence. JTB has branches spread across Australia, Canada, the USA,  the UK, All over Europe, and many other locations.

They’re recognized as an official supplier by Japan Rail, and we can personal testament to their authenticity and quality of service. They can also be a great source of brochures and we even picked up a great large-scale English map of Japan from our local office.

Buying Your JR Pass From

Buying A Japan Rail Pass From Jrailpass Com, is an online platform that often comes up on many web searchers related to the JR Pass. Despite its popularity among some travelers, there are a few critical points to consider before purchasing your next Japan Rail Pass from Review is a Spain-based online travel agency specializing in the sale of Japan Rail Passes. Along with offering a variety of rail passes, the website also provides resources, such as travel guides and tips for navigating Japan’s complex railway system. But does that mean they’re the official source for Japan Rail Passes?

Is JRailPass The Official Site or Not?

Contrary to what some may believe, is not the official Japan Rail Pass site. The Japan Rail Pass is a product of the Japan Railways (JR) Group, and is a third-party vendor. While this doesn’t imply that the site is illegitimate, it’s an important fact to bear in mind when making your purchase.

The confusion comes from the website calling itself “Official Japan Rail Pass Seller” which is true. However, it’s more accurate to say that they are AN official Rapan Rail Pass seller among many others.

Is Legitimate and Safe?

To put your worries at rest, yes, is a legitimate and safe platform to purchase your Japan Rail Pass. Numerous testimonials online suggest that customers have had satisfactory experiences with their services.

However, there are a few disgruntled (and loud) customers who have complained about a lack of communication and trouble getting refunds.

But we have purchased passes with in the past and everything has gone smoothly and they do throw in some great discounted deals for Pocket Wifi and sim cards.

More: Review: Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Buying A Japan Rail Pass From Get Your Guide

Buying A Japan Rail Pass From Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide, known for its extensive global portfolio of tours and activities, has recently ventured into offering Japan Rail Passes. With their established reputation and widespread trust within the travel community, they’re an option worth considering especially if you are based in Europe as the company seems to have more of a European focus.

We have booked some Morning Sumo Wrestling tickets with Get Your Guide and it was a very smooth experience.

Buying A Japan Rail Pass From Jrpass Com (not to be confused with is another online site that sells the Japan Rail Pass. It’s based in the UK so may be a good option if you are in Western Europe. They also offer sim cards, regional passes, and even Airport meet-and-greet services. They also have a pretty nifty JR pass calculator.

Plus, several other sites featuring variations of “JR Pass” or “Japan Rail Pass” in their names can also serve as potential purchase points. Most of these platforms are entirely legitimate, but as my experience with them is limited, I prefer to primarily mention companies with which I’ve had personal interactions.

Comparing Prices Among JR Pass Providers

You might be wondering, do prices fluctuate among different JR Pass suppliers? The answer is, not much. Usually, the costs are closely aligned as they are determined by the Japanese rail companies. If you spot a company offering the JR Pass at a drastically lower price than its counterparts, it’s wise to proceed with caution.

The real game-changer in pricing often comes down to shipping methods. Courier services tend to be pricier than standard or express post. Here’s a snapshot of the current prices offered by various main suppliers for a 7-Day Pass (quoted in Australian dollars, but a simple click will give you the costs in your own currency).

Here’s a quick Rundown On where to buy your Japan Rail Pass before coming to Japan

Company Cost of Pass (USD) Postage How to Buy
Klook $206 Quick Post included Buy from Klook $214.50 Courier included Buy from website
JTB $213.34 Free or $13 couriered Contact Your Local Office
Get Your Guide $222.89 Courier included Buy from Get Your Guide $216 Courier included Buy from

Note: The Klook Price goes down to $202 with the discount link.

While the price is undeniably a significant factor when purchasing your JR Pass, it’s not the only consideration. Various other elements, such as additional services or convenience, can impact your buying decision.

Choosing The Best Japan Rail Pass Vendor For You

Let’s untie some knots for your imminent Japan Jaunte. If you’re jetting off to Japan in less than a fortnight, it’s time to be savvy and quick.

If You’re In A Rush

Traditional third-party suppliers usually demand a bit more leeway since they physically mail you a voucher to swap for the actual JR Pass once you set foot in Japan. It’s a simple protocol to verify your tourist visa stamp in your passport.

The smart option, in this case, could be opting for the direct route – securing your JR Pass from Japan, be it in-person or via the official The e-voucher pops up instantly post-purchase, yet it’s worth noting you’d still need to swap it for your tangible ticket and flash your passport on arrival in Japan.

Working on a shoestring budget and a ticking clock? You still have a lifeline. Some vendors might maintain a local office where you can personally snap up a pass, sidestepping the mailing process. Vendors like JTB were known to provide this service in some offices, while Klook seems to accommodate pickups at specific hours from some offices such as Hong Kong and Sydney. It’s always worth giving them a ring.

For those whose Japan adventure is plotted more leisurely on the calendar, you’ve got the luxury of choice – buy directly or from a third-party. But be careful not to jump the gun. Purchasing more than 90 days prior might see your voucher turning into a pumpkin before you’re even packed for Japan.

If it’s you’re first time in Japan and all this feels a tad overwhelming. Some third-party suppliers such as offer a friendly meet-and-greet add-on. With this service, you get a personal tour guide straight off the plane. They’ll accompany you through the JR Pass exchange process, assist with your inaugural train reservation, and even help you get your portable wifi if you’ve ordered it.

They’ll ensure you’re safely aboard your transportation to your hotel. Sure, it comes with a price tag (about US$89), but for those wanting to hit the ground running stress-free, it’s a worthy investment. Get Your Guide also offers a similar hand-holding service. So take a deep breath, Japan awaits!

If You Want To Reserve Each Train Trip Online

Can’t stand the restless shuffle of queues? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned globetrotter with a packed itinerary of back-to-back adventures? Then you may want to splurge a little extra for your JR Pass and buy straight from (The official JR Website). The luxury of booking your trains and seats from the comfort of your mobile or from your hotel room will be convenient for some.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While this streamlined process is definitely a time-saver, it doesn’t spare you the need to queue for swapping your e-voucher for the actual pass. Unfortunately, that’s an unavoidable step, but we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to make that a bit smoother.

How To Beat The Luming JR Pass Price Hike

As you now know, a sizable price surge for the JR Pass is on the horizon. But worry not, we’ve got some handy intel on how you could potentially dodge that financial bullet. Certain third-party sellers are pledging to maintain the old rates until the end of September for those planning to touch down in Japan before December 28th and journey until the end of January. Here’s what a couple of key vendors are saying:

Klook’s On The Upcoming Price Surge

Klook has addressed the topic on their site. They’ve declared that you can lock in a Whole Japan Pass at the current price until September 30th, 2023, provided your Japanese adventure kicks off before December 28th. Don’t forget, though, you’ll need to swap your voucher physically in Japan before December 28th, 2023, and get it activated within the subsequent 30 days.’s Statement On The Incoming Price Rise

Over at, they’re encouraging travelers to grab their passes before September 28th, if possible. They’ve guaranteed that old vouchers will be accepted up to three months from the issue date. This implies that exchange orders placed by this date can be fired up in Japan until December 28th, 2023. Once the new price tag kicks in, vouchers at the old rates will be a thing of the past.

Timing Your Pass Activation

Remember, your pass can be activated up to 30 days after you’ve exchanged your voucher. In theory, if you trade your voucher on, say, December 26th, 2023, you could start using their pass on, let’s say, January 19th, 2024, as long as they’ve exchanged their voucher by December 28th and chosen a pass start date of January 19th.

Beware of the 90-Day Countdown!

Just a friendly reminder: your purchased voucher has a lifespan of only 90 days. So resist the urge to prematurely snatch a voucher for December in August. Ensure you’re within a 90-day window from the day you intend to switch the exchange voucher for the pass.

At this stage, JR has kept mum about a policy regarding purchasing from their official site at the old price. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Japan Rail Pass

This is one of the cardinal blunders people make when getting their JR Pass – picking it up at the airport. It might sound convenient, but trust us, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth. The savings are barely worth mentioning, particularly if you’re arriving at Haneda where a ride to the city only sets you back around 500 yen. The queues? Well, they’re legendary, and not in a good way. Also, you’re generally limited to making just one onward train reservation. So, if you can, skip the airport pickup.

Instead, go off the beaten track to one of the many other stations to swap your voucher for the pass. You’ll receive a comprehensive list of stations hosting Exchange Offices with your pass, or you can seek one out here.

Sure, Tokyo Station may seem like the go-to choice, but why not mix it up a little? Try Shibuya, Ueno, or even Shinagawa station for a change. And here’s an insider tip: If you’re trying to cut down on your queuing time, swing by during a quieter period, like mid-afternoon. So, take the road less traveled, and enjoy a smoother start to your Japanese adventure!

Golden Week: Navigating Japan’s Peak Travel Season

Mt Fuji And Hakone Day Bus Tour Return By Bullet Train Shinkansen

Picture this: It’s Golden Week in Japan, an annual travel frenzy from approximately April 29 to May 6, though exact dates tend to vary from year to year. This period sees a surge of locals and travelers alike on popular travel routes like Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka, making the trains a sea of bustling activity.

If you’re brave enough to dive into this travel peak time, here’s a primer on how to navigate the challenges that might arise, especially with regards to your Japan Rail Pass.

When to Opt For A Direct JR Pass Purchase

There are a few scenarios where going straight to the source,, to purchase your pass could be your best bet:

  1. You’re part of a larger group and need to ensure that you stick together during your travels.
  2. Your itinerary is non-negotiable and requires you to catch a particular train.
  3.  You’re arriving in Japan and need to board a train either the same day or the following day.
  4. You’re traveling with luggage that needs space in the oversized luggage area

In these cases, the security of being able to make reservations online before you even touch down in Japan can be a huge relief, giving you peace of mind and a sense of control amidst the Golden Week rush.

When To Pre-Purchase Your Pass During Peak Times

On the flip side, if you’re a solo adventurer, part of a small group, or traveling light without the need for oversized baggage storage, then you have a bit more leeway. If your travel plans have some wiggle room or if you’re in Japan for at least a week before the bulk of your travel begins, purchasing your JR Pass from a third-party supplier could work well for you and save you some yen for that hello kitty teapot you’ve always wanted. The key is to book your seats as soon as you arrive in Japan, and then relax and enjoy the ride.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy JR rail Pas In Australia?

What’s the most affordable Japan Rail Pass option in Australia? You might see a 7-day All-Japan Rail Pass swinging anywhere from $324 to a hefty $356, with the seemingly bargain pick hailing from But hold your horses – once you factor in the delivery fee and the refund policy fee, the total price tag tends to overshadow other websites.

So, where should you turn for the ultimate bang for your buck? Well, our top pick for a truly cost-effective choice is Klook, costing you just $327.55. With this option, you’ll dodge delivery fees, skip booking charges, and avoid any sneaky credit card surcharges.

Where To Buy The Japan Rail Pass In USA, Canada & North America

Looking to snag a JR Rail Pass right in the heart of America? We’ve got you covered. You can secure this gem of unlimited rail travel from the comfort of your home or, if you’re more traditional, from a physical office.

Online Platforms

When it comes to online options, Klook and are your trusty companions.

Klook is a favorite for its user-friendly interface and often offers great deals. You can just hop on their website, select the type of pass you need, and voila – it’ll be en route to your doorstep in no time. is another handy choice. With a streamlined purchasing process, it’s easy to get what you need swiftly and without hassle. Plus, they often have attractive offers, so keep your eyes peeled.

Buying Your JR Pass From An Office In North America: JTB

If you’re more of a face-to-face kind of person, JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) has offices across America. Pop in, chat with a travel expert, and get your pass ordered. Plus, they can offer in-depth advice on how to maximize your pass. It’s the old-school way with a personalized touch.

Whichever way you swing, be it online or in-person, the JR Rail Pass is your ticket to exploring the rich tapestry of Japan – without breaking the bank. Now, go get that pass and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Where To Buy The JR Pass From In Europe

Heading off from Europe? Securing your JR Rail Pass is easier than you think, whether you’re a fan of the digital route or prefer a more traditional approach.

Where To Buy Your JR Pass Online In Europe?

Get Your Guide is a top pick for European travelers. This platform not only helps you secure your JR Pass but also offers a wide array of local activities, tours, and experiences in Japan. It’s a one-stop shop for planning your journey. may be based out of sunny Spain, but it serves all of Europe. The platform’s well-organized interface and speedy delivery make purchasing your pass a breeze. You can order your JR Pass without leaving your couch and have it delivered straight to your home.

Klook: And, as always Klook is a great choice globally with their free worldwide 5-day delivery and cheapest prices.

Physical Pickup In Europe: JTB

If the idea of having a physical ticket in hand before you jet off to Japan appeals to you, JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) has got you covered. With branches dotted around Europe, it’s easy to walk in, purchase your pass, and walk out with it on the same day. You can also get personalized advice on how to get the most from your JR Pass.

Here’s a List of all the European offices that you can buy the Japan Rail Pass From. Please note that during the pandemic a lot of JTB offices shut their doors so make sure to call up or check their websites before heading in.

The Final Japan Rail Pass Pros and Cons

Traveling Around Japan Shinkansen Service

Are you still on the fence about where to purchase your JR Pass? Here’s a handy summary of the pros and cons, presented in a different light, to help you make an informed decision.

Direct Purchase from Japan

The Upsides:

  • Skip the waiting game: There’s no need to wait for a voucher to be delivered.
  • Avoid the queues: Making seat reservations online helps you skip long lines.

The Downsides:

  • Heavier on the pocket: It tends to be more expensive.

Purchase from a Third-Party Provider

The Upsides:

  • Budget-friendly: You can buy your voucher up to 90 days in advance, which can help with budgeting.
  • Easy on the wallet: It’s approximately 12 percent cheaper.
  • Beat the price hike: If you’re arriving in Japan before December 28th, 2023, you can purchase at the old rate.

The Downsides:

  • No online booking: You can’t book trains online; you’ll have to queue up or use the seat reservation machines.
  • The risk of sold-out seats: During busy periods, you might find seats sold out on popular lines.

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights to help you decide where is the best place to buy your Japan Rail Pass. Happy planning, and safe travels!


Company Cost of Pass (USD) Postage How to Buy
Klook (Top Pick) $206 Quick Post included Buy from Klook $214.50 Courier included Buy from website
JTB $213.34 Free or $13 couriered Contact Your Local Office
Get Your Guide $222.89 Courier included Buy from Get Your Guide $216 Courier included Buy from

Note: The Klook Price goes down to $202 with the discount link (see below)


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