If there’s one universal truth about Tokyo, it’s that this city loves ramen. But this summer, ramen enthusiasts have an extra reason to celebrate: the “Umakara Fair” is hitting Tokyo Ramen Street, and it promises to be a fiery experience for your taste buds.

From June 27th to August 31st, 2023, Tokyo Ramen Street, located in Tokyo Station Ichibancho, will be hosting the “Umakara Fair”. All eight shops on Tokyo Ramen Street will be offering a limited-edition, palate-tingling bowl of ramen, using spices like chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, Doubanjiang, chili oil, and spicy miso.

Tokyo Ramen Street
Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Ramen Street: The Spiciest Summer Yet.

At Rokurinsha, ¥1,090 will get you the “Robust Tantan Atsumori”, a layered spice extravaganza harmonizing with soft, warm noodles. For an extra ¥100 or ¥200, you can opt for a larger size or a special version.

For those wanting to cool down with a soupless option, Soranoiro NIPPON offers the “Refreshing.. Spicy Green Soupless Tantanmen” for ¥1,200. This spicy, dry ramen, flavored with fresh green chili peppers, is limited to 30 servings a day.

If a unique take on a classic is what you’re after, Tokyo Niboshi Ramen Tama has the “Rich Spicy Squeezed Ramen 2023” for ¥1,200. This dish features several spices in homemade chili oil, producing a full-bodied yet refreshing taste.

Similarly priced at ¥1,070, Tsujita Miso’s Chapter presents “Spicy Miso Ramen”, with a unique blend of chili peppers that you can dissolve in the soup to adjust the flavor to your liking.

Those looking for a premium option might consider Tokyo Station Ikaruga’s “Eel Tokyo Station Umakara Ramen” for ¥1,660. This luxurious dish features homemade chili oil in an eel-based soup, a unique take on a traditional Japanese favorite.

For those who prefer a salt-based ramen, Shio Ramen Specialty Hirugao offers the “Delicious Spicy Salt Tsukemen” for ¥1,200, with a special blended spice that leaves a lingering, tingling sensation.

Tonkotsu Ramen Ore Style Pure’s “Rich MAX Tantanmen” at ¥1,100 is perfect for fans of pork bone soup, with its flavorful and spicy toppings.

Finally, for a touch of the northern sea, Furano Tomikawa offers the “Hokkaido Shrimp Spicy Spice Miso Ramen” for ¥1,100. This dish combines three types of miso made from Hokkaido soybeans and shrimp, creating a taste that’s uniquely Hokkaido.

Visit Tokyo Ramen Street for the Umakara Fair

Tokyo Ramen Street
Tokyo Ramen Street

No need to book a ticket, simply head down to Tokyo Ramen Street at Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit, B1 (Tokyo Station Ichibancho, B1). The shops participating in the Umakara Fair include Tokyo Station Ikaruga, Tsujita Miso’s Chapter, Tonkotsu Ramen Ore Style Pure, Shio Ramen Specialty Hirugao, Rokurinsha, Soranoiro NIPPON, Tokyo Niboshi Ramen Tama, and Local Ramen Challenge by Tokyo Ramen Street – Furano Tomikawa.

Remember, the number of servings and service times vary by store, so make sure to get there early to ensure you get a taste of these limited-edition, spicy summer ramen offerings. If you’re a fan of ramen and love a bit of spice, this is one event you won’t want to miss. See you there.

(Disclaimer: Please note that prices and availability of dishes mentioned are subject to change. Be sure to check with the individual store for the most accurate information.)

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