Located 350 meters above the ground in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO DECK (Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO DECK) is an open space with large glass panels over 5 meters high arranged in 360 degrees.

The TEMBO DECK consists of Floor 340, Floor 345, and Floor 350, and has a variety of stores and restaurants, including the SKYTREE CAFE, Sky Restaurant 634, and THE SKYTREE SHOP.

Floor 340 is equipped with a glass floor that allows visitors to walk on it and take commemorative photos. Four elevators run from the ground to the Sky Tree TEMBO DECK, which ascends at a speed of 600 meters per minute, or approximately 50 seconds.

The TEMBO DECK has a capacity of approximately 2,000 people.

Spot Name Tokyo SkyTree Tenbo Deck
Address 1 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Access (by train) Oshiage Station (Hanzomon Line/Toei Subway Asakusa Line/Keisei Oshiage Line) Tokyo Sky Tree Station (Tobu Isezaki Line) The name of Narihirabashi Station on the Tobu Isezaki Line will be changed to “Tokyo Skytree Station” with the opening of Tokyo Skytree.
Access (by car) Mukojima Interchange on the Metropolitan Expressway Route 6 Mukojima Line (approx. 10 minutes) Komagata Interchange on the Metropolitan Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Line (approx. 10 min.)
Hours of operation 8:00 – 22:00
Fees Adults: 2,500 yen High school and junior high school students: 2,000 yen Elementary school students: 1,400 yen Infants (4-5 years old): 1,100 yen
Nearby Sightseeing Spots Edo Tokyo Museum, Kameido Tenjinja Shrine, Ryogoku Kokugikan, Asakusa Kaminarimon
Official Site Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO DECK
1310761001_1202 1310761001_1203 1310761001_1204
View from Floor 340 Commemorative photo service on the observation deck (Sorakara-chan bench) Enjoy the view from Floor 340
1310761001_1205 1310761001_1206 1310761001_1207
Large glass windows over 5 meters high arranged in 360 degrees The Sumida River seen from the Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO DECK Arakawa River and Sumida River viewed from the TEMBO Deck
1310761001_1208 1310761001_1209 1310761001_1210
2m x 3m heat-resistant tempered glass floor (Floor 340) View below from the glass floor (Sky Arena Solamachi Hiro) Taking pictures on the glass floor (beauty of the Sky Tree steel frame)
1310761001_1211 1310761001_1212 1310761001_1213
Looking straight down from the observation deck View toward Sumida River View toward Asakusa
1310761001_1214 1310761001_1215 1310761001_1216
View toward Edogawa and Koto wards Heliport of Tokyo Skytree East Tower From Arakawa River to Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Disneyland
1310761001_1217 1310761001_1218 1310761001_1219
Tenbou Shuttle Art Panel “Cherry Blossom Sky Tenbou Shuttle Art Panel “Festival Sky Tenbou Shuttle Art Panel “Sumida River Sky
1310761001_1220 1310761001_1221 1310761001_1222
1310761001_1223 1310761001_1224 1310761001_1225
Floor 340 Information Board Floor 345 Information Board Floor 350 Information Board
1310761001_1226 1310761001_1227 1310761001_1228
Floor Information Board Departure Lobby Departure Gate
1310761001_1229 1310761001_1230 1310761001_1231
Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO Kairo (exterior view) at 450m above ground level Tokyo Sky Tree TEMBO DECK (exterior view) at 350 m above ground level TEMBO DECK and TEMBO Kairo (exterior)
For inquiries, please contact Tokyo Sky Tree Call Center TEL: 0570-55-0634 (9:00 – 20:00)

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