The Shinjuku district of Tokyo has a number of outdoor basketball courts, some of which are sealed which is, unfortunately, a rarity in Tokyo. If you bare looking for a pickup game, the court at Okubo park is your best bet.

Okubo Park


Okubo Park in the downtown Kabuki Cho area of Shinjuku has a basketball court with two movable basketball goals inside the court and two other goals for standby use. It has a hard surface unlike many outdoor courts in Tokyo and you can usually get a pickup game going.

  • Open from 9:30 to 18:30 from April to September and from 9:30 to 17:30 from October to March.

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Shinjuku Central Park


The basketball court at Shinjuku Chuo Park in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward has a basketball goal but the surface is unsealed making it Ok for shooting practice.

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Miyatabashi Park


The basketball court at Miyatabashi Park in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has just one basketball goal. The surface is sealed but the width is a little narrow making it suitible for 1 on 1 games and perhaps 3-on-3.

The perimeter of the park is fenced.

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Hyakuninmachi Fureai Park


Hyakunincho Fureai Park in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo has a basketball court with a single basketball goal. The surface is sealed and the court is surrounded by a fence.

Ochiai Park


At Ochiai Park in Shinjuku-ku, there is a decent wire-enclosed court with two basketball rings. The court is sealed and sometimes gets pickup games going of a reasonable standard.

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Nishitoyama Park



The basketball court at Nishitoyama Park in Shinjuku has three basketball rings but unfortunately, the court surface is unsealed.

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Shimizugawa Bridge Park


The Basketball Court at Shimizugawa-Bashi Park in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has a single basketball goal. The court surface is sand.

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