Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, in Shibuya Tokyo has rooms starting at $190 and is the closest hotel to Shibuya Crossing. So close in fact that you’ll be looking down on the famous scramble while sitting down for your morning eggs and orange juice.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

This put this 4-star hotel number one on our list of the best hotels near Shibuya Crossing and if you were any closer to the actions you’d be in the scramble yourself.

With its excellent location and easy access to transportation, guests can easily navigate Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

Key Takeaways

  • Excellent location in the heart of Shibuya, with easy access to the train station and the famous Shibuya 109 Building
  • Clean and spacious rooms with great views of Shibuya crossing
  • Helpful and always available staff, praised by guests
  • High scores for staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, and location

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

The hotel is a popular choice due to its clean and spacious rooms, as well as its helpful staff. Situated in the heart of Shibuya, guests can enjoy the convenience of being surrounded by shops and restaurants. The hotel offers free WiFi and amenities such as massage services and in-room breakfast.

Plus, there are two high-floor restaurants, allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals while taking in panoramic views of the city. The seamless check-in process and luggage storage further enhance the convenience of staying at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.

As mentioned, it’s also got great views of the Shibuya crossing just below.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

Whether traveling as a couple or with family, this hotel provides a comfortable and convenient base for exploring Tokyo.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the heart of Shibuya and with the train station conveniently located below the hotel, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu offers a prime location and easy accessibility for guests to explore Tokyo.

This strategic location provides guests with numerous nearby attractions and sightseeing options. Within walking distance, guests can visit the famous Shibuya 109 Building, known for its trendy fashion and shopping.

Plus, the hotel is well-connected to public transportation options, making it convenient for guests to travel around the city. Being right next to Shibuya Station,  Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Ikebukuro Station, and Ueno Station are easy to access from the hotel.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

This allows guests to easily access popular cities such as Yokohama, Chiba, Kamakura, Hachioji, and Kawasaki.

With its central location and excellent transportation links, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is an ideal choice for those looking to explore Tokyo.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

Situated in the heart of Shibuya, the hotel has garnered positive reviews on its listing from guests, with high ratings for its staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, and location.

Guests have praised the staff for their exceptional service, describing them as helpful and always available.

The hotel’s commitment to cleanliness is evident in the well-maintained and spacious rooms, which offer great views of Shibuya crossing. The housekeeping team ensures that the rooms are kept spotless and tidy.

The hotel’s attention to detail and dedication to providing a comfortable stay have been highly appreciated by guests.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

On top of that, the hotel’s central location and proximity to the train station make it convenient for guests to explore Tokyo.

Overall, guests have been impressed with the staff service and room cleanliness at the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.

Hotel Amenities

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

The hotel offers a range of amenities to enhance guests’ comfort and convenience during their stay. These amenities include:

  1. Free Wi-Fi access: Guests can stay connected with high-speed internet access throughout the hotel, making it easy to browse the web, check emails, and stay connected with friends and family.
  2. Satellite flat-screen TV: Each room is equipped with a satellite flat-screen TV, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite shows and movies in the comfort of their own room.
  3. 24-hour front desk: The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, ensuring that guests can always receive assistance and information whenever they need it.
  4. Luggage storage: For guests who arrive early or have a late departure, the hotel offers luggage storage facilities. This allows guests to explore nearby attractions without the burden of carrying their luggage.

Dining Options

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

One of the amenities offered at the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is a variety of dining options for guests to enjoy during their stay. The hotel boasts several culinary experiences, including a Shunsai Japanese Restaurant, French Restaurant A Bientot, and Estacion Cafe. These dining establishments provide guests with a range of options to satisfy their taste buds.

The Shunsai Japanese Restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine, while the French Restaurant A Bientot serves delectable French dishes. For a more casual dining experience, guests can visit the Estacion Cafe, which offers a selection of light meals and beverages.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

Plus, the hotel is located in the heart of Shibuya, surrounded by numerous local food establishments. Guests can explore the vibrant food scene and indulge in various local food recommendations, immersing themselves in the culinary delights of Tokyo.

Booking and Check-in Process

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Tokyo Updated Prices

To facilitate a smooth and efficient check-in process, the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu offers guests a straightforward booking system and a well-organized check-in procedure. The hotel’s booking process is user-friendly, allowing guests to easily make reservations through various platforms.

Plus, the hotel’s customer service experience is commendable, with the staff being highly praised for their helpfulness and availability. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a 24-hour front desk, ensuring a seamless check-in experience.

The hotel also offers luggage storage facilities, allowing guests to store their belongings before or after check-in.

The Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu prioritizes guest convenience and satisfaction by providing a hassle-free booking process and a well-structured check-in procedure, resulting in a positive customer service experience.

Booking Process Customer Service Experience
User-friendly Helpful and available
Various platforms Highly praised staff
Seamless check-in experience 24-hour front desk
Luggage storage facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu?

Pets are not allowed at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu. However, nearby pet-friendly amenities and attractions can be found in the surrounding areas of Shibuya, Tokyo, such as parks, pet cafes, and pet-friendly accommodation options.

What additional safety measures are in place at the hotel due to COVID-19?

Enhanced cleaning procedures and social distancing measures have been implemented at the hotel in response to COVID-19. These measures aim to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and staff by maintaining a clean and hygienic environment and promoting physical distancing throughout the property.

Does the hotel offer cots or extra beds for guests?

The hotel does not offer cots or extra beds for guests. However, they may provide child-friendly amenities upon request. It is advisable to contact the hotel directly for more information about crib rental and other accommodations for children.

What is the hotel’s payment policy? Do they accept credit cards?

The hotel accepts cash as a payment method. It is unclear if credit cards are accepted, as the information is not provided. Currency exchange services are not mentioned in the background information.

The Sum Up


To sum it up, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo, Japan offers an exceptional experience for travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient stay. With its prime location in Shibuya, guests have easy access to transportation, shops, and restaurants.

The hotel’s clean and spacious rooms, along with its helpful staff, have received positive reviews. The amenities, including free WiFi, massage services, and in-room breakfast, provide added convenience and relaxation.

With its seamless check-in process and storage options, the hotel caters to the needs of couples and families. Overall, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is an excellent choice for those looking to explore Tokyo and its surrounding cities.

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