Park Name (Oyokogawa Shinsui Kouen)
Park Address Azumabashi 3-chome, Narihira 1-chome, Higashi Komagata 4-chome, Yokogawa 1-chome, Honjo 4-chome, Taihei 1-chome, Ishihara 4-chome, Nishikito 1-chome, Kamezawa 4-chome, Kotobashi 1-chome, Midori 4-chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, swing playground equipment, spring playground equipment, health playground equipment, slides
Facilities and equipment Water playground
Remarks Oyokogawa Shinsui Park is located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, a few hundred meters from Tokyo Sky Tree. The park is a long and narrow water park with a total length of approximately 1,800 meters, and a stream from the Kitajuma River flows through the center of the park to provide a watering hole. In spring, visitors can enjoy the 57 cherry trees in the park.
Slideway Combination playground equipment Spring playground equipment
Wooden playground equipment Swing equipment Rock Climbing
Bargola Park Signs Cherry blossom viewing spots
Cherry blossoms and Tokyo Sky Tree Fountain and Tokyo Sky Tree Clock tower and Tokyo Sky Tree

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