Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Or in this case, eat a lot of Happy Meals! McDonald’s Japan is taking the summer by storm with their limited-time ハッピーセット「ポケモンなつまつり」 (Happy Set Pokémon Summer Festival) from August 11th.

Image Credit Mcdonald S Japan S Pok Mon Summer Festival Toys

And guess what? They’re rolling out a collection of 8 Pokémon toys that’ll make you reminisce about your good ol’ summer festival memories with your favorite pocket monsters.

Pikachu & Friends Hit the Summer Festival!

Image Credit Mcdonald S Japan S Pok Mon Summer Festival Toys

Coming August 11th, immerse in the summer vibes as Pikachu, Nyaoha, Hogeeta, and Kwass invite you to join in the festive fun. There’s a toy for everyone!

Toys Drop in Three Phases:

Image Credit Mcdonald S Japan S Pok Mon Summer Festival Toys

  • August 11th – August 17th (Phase 1): Dive into the Japanese summer with:
    • ポケモンヨーヨー釣り (Pokémon Yoyo Fishing)
    • お祭りピカチュウ太鼓 (Festival Pikachu Drum)
    • ポケモン輪投げゲーム (Pokémon Ring Toss Game)
    • 光るモンスターボールちょうちん (Glowing Monster Ball Lantern)
  • August 18th – August 24th (Phase 2): The summer sizzle continues with:
      • お祭りポケモンすくい (Festival Pokémon Scooping)
      • お祭りピカチュウまとあてゲーム (Festival Pikachu Target Game)
      • 夏祭りピンボールゲーム (Summer Festival Pinball Game)
    • お祭りピカチュウの花火うちわ (Festival Pikachu Firework Fan)
  • August 25th Onwards (Phase 3): Missed out earlier? Fear not! Get one of the toys from Phase 1 or 2. Surprise! Surprise!

Play at Pokémon MezaSta & Grab an Exclusive Tag!

Image Credit Mcdonald S Japan S Pok Mon Summer Festival ToysImage Credit Mcdonald S Japan S Pok Mon Summer Festival Toys

If you’re swinging by McDonald’s between August 11th and 13th, you’re in for a special treat. With every Happy Set Pokémon Summer Festival purchase, you get a free play on their amusement machine, ポケモンメザスタ (Pokémon MezaSta). Plus, you’ll receive an exclusive マクドナルドオリジナルスペシャルタグ (McDonald’s Original Special Tag). Talk about a weekend filled with bonuses!

Toys Galore, But No Peeking!

A little heads up: while you can eagerly await your Pokémon toy, the choice remains a surprise. No handpicking, folks! After all, what’s a festival without a little mystery?

So, trainers, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest McDonald’s in Japan, indulge in a Happy Meal, and revel in the Pokémon summer festivity! 🍟🎆🎏

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