Who’s up for a sip and stroll? Ever dreamed of exploring Tokyo with a sake glass in hand? Your wish is about to come true in Ebisu this September!

Photo Delicious Sake Walk
Photo Delicious Sake Walk

Unleash the sake enthusiast in you, sample from over a hundred sake varieties, and let your taste buds dance with delightful cuisines from 30 participating restaurants.

Delicious SAKE Walk in Ebisu 2023

Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu
Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu

The Delicious SAKE Walk in Ebisu 2023 will be held on September 10th in the vibrant Ebisu area of Tokyo. This lively town-bar event is featuring 34 sake breweries from all over the country, partnering with 30 eateries in the Ebisu and Daikanyama areas.

Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu
Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu

At the SAKE Walk, breweries, aka the sake makers, will be stationed at the participating venues and the main event space, collaborating with restaurants to offer their best sake paired with signature dishes.

Free Sake Tasting & Special Food Prices

Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu
Photo Delicious Sake Walk In Ebisu

For all those with the “Sake Tasting Free Pass”, which is available in advance for just 3,600 yen, there’s a treat waiting. You get to indulge in free sake tasting from a collection of more than 100 varieties. But remember, every sip pairs best with food, so you’ll need to order a dish at each restaurant (on a cash-on system).

Start your sake tasting adventure from any participating restaurant or the main venue, STUDIO VIZZ EBISU, from 12 noon. Freely explore the venues until 4 PM, savoring the complementary tastes of delicious Japanese food and sake.

Live Streaming & Group Toasting

Photo Delicious Sake Walk
Photo Delicious Sake Walk

Adding more cheer to the event, there will be an online live broadcast linking the main venue with all participating eateries. Be ready for the unified toast sessions! At 12:00 PM to kick things off, a midpoint cheer at 2:00 PM, and the grand finale toast at 3:50 PM. It’s a simultaneous “Kanpai” (Cheers) with all the brewery staff and participants.

Wandering through Ebisu and Daikanyama while enjoying the finest sake and food? Sounds like an experience you shouldn’t miss!

Event Details

Name: Delicious SAKE Walk in Ebisu 2023
Date: September 10th, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Venue: 30 participating eateries in Ebisu & Daikanyama areas
Address: 1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Ebisu Business Tower 1F
Sake Tasting Free Pass: Advance ticket for 3,600 yen (includes a sake cup coupon)
Note: Sale of tickets on the event day is yet to be confirmed. Food is separately charged on a cash-on system.
Official Event Site

The Sum Up

Pour yourself into this unique Tokyo experience. Great sake, delectable food, and an atmosphere that’ll make you toast to the good times!

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