The Komazawa Olympic Park straddles Setagaya and Meguro wards and is one of the best comprehensive sports grounds in Tokyo where outdoor sports can be enjoyed.

There are 12 sports facilities including a gymnasium on the 41.3 ha site, and both individuals and groups can fully enjoy sports at the 1st and 2nd ball fields, hardball and softball fields, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and an archery range.

The park is a lush green park where nearby residents and students of Komazawa University and Nihon University of Health and Sport Science can relax, and in spring it is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing.

There is a cycling course that circles the park, and bicycles that can be ridden by small children are available for rent.

There is a children’s park and a jabu-jabu pond along the course, so why not take the whole family for a leisurely restful bike ride or stroll? Nearby are Kinuta Park and Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest.

Park Name Komazawa Olympic Park
Park Address 1-1 Komazawa Park, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Swings, slides, ladders, health equipment
Facilities and equipment Athletic field, outdoor swimming pool, gymnasium, archery range, gate ball field, training room, basketball court, baseball field, tennis court, soccer field, water playground, dog run, skateboarding area, cycling course, jogging course
1311201002_02 1311201002_03 1311201002_04
Horse Park Buta Park Squirrel Park
1311201002_05 1311201002_06 1311201002_07
Hardball field Soccer field Tennis courts (8 clay courts)
1311201002_08 1311201002_09 1311201002_10
Basketball goal Free Plaza Softball field
1311201002_11 1311201002_12 1311201002_13
Multipurpose square (gate ball field) Dog run Bird sanctuary
1311201002_14 1311201002_15 1311201002_16
Outdoor swimming pool Athletic field Skateboarding field
1311201002_17 1311201002_18 1311201002_19
Jogging course Cycling course Bicycle rental
1311201002_20 1311201002_21 1311201002_22
Cycling center Water playground (Jabu Jabu Pond) Sports Facilities in Gymnasium
1311201002_23 1311201002_24 1311201002_25
Olympic Monument Parking lot Park Map

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