If you’re ready to pull the trigger on a Japan Rail Pass with Klook you have made a great choice on both the pass and the supplier. Yes, Klook is legit, and we ranked Klook as the best and cheapest JR pass seller in our extensive article on where the buy your Japan Rail Pass.

But let’s try to make it even cheaper for you with a Klook JR Pass Promo Code.

Can I Use A Promo Coupon To Buy The JR Rail Pass With Klook?

While the official stance is that there aren’t any promo discount codes available for the JR rail pass, our dogged pursuit of deals at Tokyo Park has uncovered a hidden gem. Instead of a traditional code that you might be used to, what we’ve found is a unique link. This link, when clicked, grants an instant $5 reduction off the total cost of your JR rail pass.

Klook Japan Rail Promo Dicount Link

To ensure the discount is applied, it’s crucial to click this link right before finalizing your purchase. Our latest test of this link on September 19th, 2023, confirmed its validity and functionality.

Although the savings might seem modest with just a $5 decrease, every little bit counts, especially when budgeting for a trip. Not only do you get a discount, but this also solidifies Klook’s position as the seller of the cheapest Japan Rail Pass anywhere, both online and off.

Klook Japan Rail Dicount Link

Give it a try. Did it work? You should see the following screen with the discount applied.

Klook JR Pass Promo Code

If that didn’t work we also have found a Klook JR Pass Coupon that might work.  We recommend using the link above first, but if that doesn’t work you can also go to Klook’s Japan Rail Pass page, enter your pass details, and then add the following promo code at checkout: ANJ44 <<Click To Copy

Can You Use Klook’s 5% App Discount For The Japan Rail Pass?

Being the savvy traveler where’s sure you are you may have also noticed Klook’s heavily promoted “5% Off In The App” deal. We centanly did and imidiately thought this would be great to use while booking a big batch of JR passes for the team or the familly.

But alas, when checking the fine print, they clearly state that the JR Pass is expluded from this discount 🙁

Upcoming Japan Rail Pass Price Increase with Klook

If you’re planning a Japanese adventure soon, it’s essential to be aware of significant changes to the JR Pass pricing. From October 1, 2023, the JR Pass, a popular choice among tourists traveling across Japan, will see a price increase of nearly 70% from its current rates.

On there site here, Klook explain this in detail and we highly recomend reading to make sure you get the cheapest price and discount before the massive price hike.

Japan Rail Pass Price Hike Article On Klook
Japan Rail Pass Price Hike Article On Klook

Acting Before the Price Rise

Those keen on securing the pass at its present rate have an opportunity: Klook will offer the JR Pass at its current price until September 30, 2023. Post this date, anticipate a heftier price tag. This price adjustment won’t be exclusive to the main JR Pass; many regional JR passes will also undergo a price revision, with some rates increasing up to 50%.

Therefore, while Klook’s Japan JR Pass coupons might offer some savings, the most significant benefit comes from purchasing your pass before the end of September.

September 19 Update: Note that we have now turned ON commenting for this post and will do our best to answer any questions and help you get your Japan Rail Passes successfully before the price hike on September 30th.

Please let us know if you were successful or not with these coupons or feel free to ask any questions about buying your JR passes with Klook.

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