Kappabashi Street which is also known as Kappabashi Dogugai or kitchen town is a wonderful wholesale district lined with specialty shops selling tableware, cooking utensils, and other food, beverage, and kitchenware items.

It is said to have originated in 1912 and now has more than 170 shops where you can find all kinds of restaurant and kitchen utensils. In 2003, the symbolic statue of “Kappa Kawataro” was erected to commemorate the 90th anniversary of his birth.

The photo shows a famous food sample shop and a robot of a rice cooker in front of a cookware shop.


nameKappabashi Street
Kappabashi Dogugai
business hours9:00-17:00 (Varies by store)
business holidaySundays and national holidays (varies by store)
Location3-18-2 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Kappabashi Shopping Street Promotion Association)


About 3 minutes on foot from Tawaramachi Station on the Ginza Line.


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