Sunshine 60 Dori is the street from Green Boulevard to Sunshine City. It is a pedestrian paradise and is always crowded with people.

Sunshine City Ikebukuro

There are many entertainment facilities such as movie theaters, game centers and restaurants.

It is sometimes abbreviated as Sunshine Dori, but technically, the street one street north is Sunshine Street, and this is Sunshine 60 Street.

Sunshine City Ikebukuro

Sunshine 60 Dori Information

NameSunshine 60 Dori
(Sunshine 60 Street)
Hoursnot subject (to)
Closednot subject (to)
Address1 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To Sunshine 60 Dori

About a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of JR Ikebukuro Station.

Where In Tokyo Is Sunshine 60 Dori?

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