Jindai Botanical Gardens (1)

This is the only botanical park among the metropolitan parks in Chofu City. The nursery plots, which were once used to grow roadside trees and other plants in Tokyo, were opened as a botanical park.

The park is home to 100,000 trees and plants of about 4,800 species, and is divided into 30 sections by species, including a rose garden and an azalea garden.


The scale and power of the rose and azalea gardens, which are the symbols of the park, are so spectacular that they alone are worth the visit. In addition, the park is also designed to allow visitors to enjoy the vividness of the plants and the beauty of the flowers that change with the seasons and to gain knowledge about plants, making it a great place for picnics with the family and for students to learn to walk together.

In the large greenhouse completed in 1984, visitors can appreciate tropical plants. There is an admission fee, but an annual passport is also available for those who wish to visit the park several times per season.

There are many parks in the surrounding area where visitors can enjoy nature, such as Musashino Forest Park and Nogawa Park.

Park Name Jinjiidaigyo koen
Park Address Jindaiji Motomachi 2 and 5, Jindaiji Kita-machi 1 and 2, Jindaiji Minamimachi 4, Chofu City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Wooden combination playground equipment, stretch playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball court, dog run, plant hall
Basketball goal Dog run Flowers in the Tropical Flower and Tree Room
Entrance to the Tropical Flower and Tree Room Inside the Large Greenhouse Fountain in front of the Large Greenhouse
Jindai Botanical Garden Shrine Plum trees to be enjoyed in the garden Pathway in the garden
Flowers in the garden 1 Flowers in the garden 2 Flowers in the park3
Cherry blossom viewing in spring (lawn square) Grass square Park Map

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