Inagi North Green Space Park or Inagikita Ryokuchi Park in Inagi City, Tokyo, is located along the Tama River, which flows along the northern border of Inagi City.

The park stretches long and narrow along the Tama River and has many sports facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and a skate park where skateboarding is available.

It is also a popular place for local residents to enjoy barbecues, especially during the cherry blossom season.

The park is equipped with Tamari Park (Tamari Park), which has exercise facilities and playground equipment popular among students and other young people, a multipurpose playground attractive to families and children, and a gate ball field for enjoying gate ball, making it a park that can be enjoyed by all generations from the elderly to small children.

The park also has a parking lot for approximately 72 cars, making it a convenient place to go for a bit of exercise or to enjoy barbecues. However, the barbecue area is very popular, especially since reservations are not required, so be sure to get there early.

Park Name (Inagi Kirikiri District Park)
Park Address 2996 Higashinaganuma, Inagi City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, ropeway
Facilities and equipment Tennis courts, basketball court, skateboard rink, barbecue facilities
Combination Playground Equipment Ropeway Basketball goal
Cycling path Skateboarding area Tennis court
Gate ball field Parking lot Park Information Map
Park lawn Restrooms Park Sign

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