Located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, the Imperial Palace Garden is a national park that opened in 1969. The park is crowded with many people even on weekdays, including tourists from abroad, joggers, and those who enjoy historical exploration.

Admission to the park is free, and visitors can enjoy the Nijubashi Bridge, Sakuradamon Gate, and other historical buildings. Here is a great place to relax amongst an abundance of greenery and a sense of openness.

Facility Name Imperial Palace Garden
Facility Address Outer garden of the Imperial Palace, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Official Site Imperial Palace Outer Gardens
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Nijubashi Bridge Kikokumon Gate Sakurada Niju-Yagura (double turret)
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Sakuradamon Gate Triumphal Moat Sakurada moat
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Statue of Masanari Kusunoki Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace Plaza in front of the Imperial Palace
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Marunouchi Office District seen from Uchibori Street Wadakura Fountain Park Guide Map of the Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace

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