Fujimizaka is located on the south side of Nishi-Nippori Station in the quiet neighborhood of Yanaka, up the hill along the railway tracks.

Fujimizaka Yanaka Arakawa

This was the last of the 16 Fujimizaka slopes in Tokyo where you could still see Mt. Fuji.

Unfortunately, Mt Fuji is no longer visible due to the construction of buildings which has blocked the view (The white apartment building in the center of the above photo is the culprit).

Fuji and the position of the setting sun used to overlap every year around November 11 and January 30, creating a beautiful sight called “Diamond Fuji”.

Fujimizaka Yanaka Arakawa

Fujimizaka Information

Address3 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To Fujimizaka In Nishi-Nippori?

3 minutes walk from Nishi-Nippori station of Yamanote line,Keihin Tohoku line andChiyoda line.

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