Enoshima’s Summer Fireworks Display is the highlight of the season, illuminating the skies above Kanagawa Prefecture’s Fujisawa city in spectacular fashion.

Photo Credit Enoshima Summer Fireworks

Part of the enchanting ‘Miami Beach Show Summer Fireworks’ event, these fireworks are sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Miami Beach Show Summer Fireworks 2023

Photo Credit Enoshima Summer Fireworks

Taking place across five nights in July and August 2023, this event combines the charm of the local beaches with the magical spectacle of fireworks. Experience the stunning blend of colors and patterns lighting up the night sky above Enoshima.

This event is part of the annual ‘2023 Enoshima Miami Beach Show,’ taking place from July 1st to September 3rd. The show is hosted across three bathing beaches in Fujisawa city: Katase Higashi Beach, Katase Nishi Beach & Kugenuma Beach, and Tsujido Beach.

Schedule of Fireworks at Enoshima

Fireworks will be launched on five specific dates: July 28th (Friday), August 5th (Saturday), August 10th (Thursday), August 22nd (Tuesday), and August 31st (Thursday). Each session runs for approximately three minutes, from 19:40 to 19:43, and features a fantastic display of 150 fireworks.

Event Details

Name: Miami Beach Show Summer Fireworks

Dates: July 28, August 5, August 10, August 22, and August 31, 2023

Time: 19:40 – 19:43

Location: Katase Coast Nishihama & Kugenuma Bathing Beach Map: Google Map

Fireworks Launched: Approximately 150

Please note, in the event of rain or stormy weather, the fireworks display will be cancelled.

Access to the Venue

For those traveling to the event, the venue is easily accessible from the following stations:

  • 2-minute walk from “Katase Enoshima Station” on the Odakyu Line
  • 5-minute walk from “Enoshima Station” on the Enoshima Electric Railway
  • 8-minute walk from “Shonan Enoshima Station” on the Shonan Monorail

For more details, visit the official website of the Enoshima Miami Beach Show.

Don’t miss this chance to create unforgettable summer memories at Enoshima’s Summer Fireworks Display. With the sky as their canvas, these pyrotechnics promise to paint a picture of fun and excitement for all!

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