The 48th Edogawa Fireworks Festival is returning to Tokyo on August 5th, 2023. Held at the Edogawa Riverbed in the Edogawa ward of Tokyo, this beloved festival promises to illuminate the night sky with an astounding 14,000 fireworks.

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Highlights of the Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Edogawa Fireworks Festival

The Edogawa Fireworks Festival starts with a bang – literally. The opening act features a stunning 1,000-fireworks launch within just five seconds. But that’s not all; keep an eye out for the large-scale firework set to resemble the iconic Mount Fuji, extending 280 meters across the night sky.

The festival’s program is divided into eight themes, each showcasing a different aspect of the beauty of fireworks. From start to finish, you won’t find a dull moment, with each scene capturing your attention with its unique charm.

Edogawa Fireworks Festival

The finale is a breathtaking spectacle of golden and silver “Kamuro” fireworks, designed to resemble weeping willow trees, decorating the night sky over Edogawa River.

Please note that in case of rain or severe weather, the festival will not be rescheduled and will be canceled for the year.

Double the Fun with Edogawa and Ichikawa Fireworks

Edogawa Fireworks Festival

An exciting aspect of the Edogawa Fireworks Festival is its simultaneous occurrence with the Ichikawa Citizens’ Summer Evening Fireworks Festival across the river in Ichikawa City, Chiba. This combined spectacle of two grand fireworks displays across the river from each other is a sight you won’t want to miss.

Edogawa Fireworks Schedule

Like all things Japanese the fireworks are obsessively planned, stick to a tight schedule and have weird (but awsome) names.

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store to help you savor every moment. There are 8 key themes.

  • 19:15 – Smile Again! Rekindling the sparks of joy, Edogawa fireworks are back in full swing! Look out for the iconic ‘1,000 shots in 5 seconds’ that’s bound to tickle your smile muscles!
  • 19:25 – Dawn of Fuji: Breath of Life The grandeur of Mount Fuji serves as the backdrop of this spectacle. The theme is ‘coexistence with nature’, where fireworks paint a picture of lush greenery and blooming flowers.
  • 19:35 – The Colored Quartet A colorful symphony illuminates the night! This playful performance of pastel pyrotechnics is sure to paint your evening vibrant.
  • 19:45 – Yamato Sakura: A Profusion of Flowers Imagine a flurry of cherry blossoms depicted in Japan’s traditional ‘Wa-bi’ fireworks, reminiscent of ancient Yamato paintings – a tribute to the mesmerizing spring.
  • 19:55 – PINK☆EXPLOSION! Get ready for a dazzling pink blitz! The dynamic production is a thrilling whirlwind of flashy pink hues that’s sure to keep your eyes glued to the sky.
  • 20:05 – Lapis Lazuli Wishes Reviving the Edo era tradition of launching fireworks to ward off epidemics and honor the departed, we’re sending collective prayers and wishes on the wings of lapis lazuli fireworks.
  • 20:15 – Everyone’s SDGs: Towards a Future of Living Together Embodying the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) wheel color and ‘Water and Green’ motif, this segment paints a picture of a harmonious Edo community working towards a sustainable future.
  • 20:25 – Dawn of a New Era Closing the evening is a kaleidoscope of colors and a sky-wide golden shower! It’s a vibrant start to a new era, steering towards the future of the Edogawa district amidst seven shades of light and dazzling brilliance.

So there you have it! A night to remember, full of awe-inspiring spectacles and sky-bound storytelling.

Edogawa Fireworks Festival Event Details

Edogawa Fireworks Festival August Th

  • Event: 48th Edogawa Fireworks Festival & 39th Ichikawa Citizens’ Summer Evening Fireworks Festival
  • Date: August 5th, 2023 (Saturday)
  • Time: 19:15 – 20:30
  • Venue: Edogawa Riverbed (in front of Shinozaki Park)
  • Address: 1 Kamishinozaki, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo
  • Number of Fireworks: Approximately 14,000
  • In Case of Bad Weather: The event will be canceled and not rescheduled.

Launch Location

Edogawa Fireworks Launch Location
Edogawa Fireworks Launch Location

How to Get to Edogawa Fireworks Festival

  • From Edogawa Ward side: 15-minute walk from Shinozaki Station on the Toei Subway; 25-minute walk from Koiwa Station on the JR Sobu Line; 25-minute walk from Keisei-Edogawa Station on the Keisei Line.
  • From Ichikawa City side: 15-minute walk from Ichikawa Station on the JR Sobu Line.

Best Places To Watch The Edogawa Fireworks From

Seeing the Edogawa Fireworks Festival isn’t just about the stunning pyrotechnics; it’s also about finding that perfect perch from which to admire the celestial ballet. And, there’s no shortage of sweet spots.

Here’s an insider’s guide to scouting out the top spots that offer the best bang (pun intended) for your buck while stopping you from getting squashed in the crowds in the official mainstream venues.

Shinozaki Park: For the Squad

Watch Edogawa Fireworks At Shinozaki Park
Watch Edogawa Fireworks At Shinozaki Park

Heading over with a big group? Shinozaki Park has you covered. It offers a good view of the fireworks and comes with the essential facilities – such as actual toilets – making it a top-notch choice for group outings.

Gyotoku Venue

Watch The Edogawa Fireworks From The Gyotoku Venue
Watch The Edogawa Fireworks From The Gyotoku Venue

This official venue on the Ichikawa city side near Gyotoku Bridge offers a slightly dialed-down version of the fireworks spectacle, thanks to the distance. However, it’s a blessing in disguise as you can enjoy the show in a less crowded, relaxed atmosphere.

Edogawa Riverside near Sobu Line Overpass: The Secret Local Spot

Watch Edogawa Fireworks From Near The Sobu Line Overpass
Watch Edogawa Fireworks From Near The Sobu Line Overpass

This location has been a well-kept secret of the locals for ages. Unobstructed by tall buildings, you’ll get a clear view of the fireworks. Although the pyrotechnics may appear a bit smaller due to the distance, this spot is perfect if you prefer a laid-back, leisurely experience.

Near Shinozaki Ponyland: The Sweet Spot

Watch Edogawa Fireworks Near Shinozaki Ponyland
Watch Edogawa Fireworks Near Shinozaki Ponyland

Stepping away from the launch site, you’ll find this surprisingly serene spot. You might compromise a bit on the intensity of the fireworks, but if you prefer avoiding the crowd, this is your place. It’s time to pony up to pony land!

Ozu Disaster Prevention Park: The Head-on Experience

Watch Edogawa Fireworks At Ozu Disaster Prevention Park
Watch Edogawa Fireworks At Ozu Disaster Prevention Park

Although a tad further from the riverside, this park allows you to capture the fireworks right in front of you. It’s not as bustling as the riverside, but it might get slightly crowded depending on the time.

Ichikawa Side Riverside: The Chill Zone

Watch Edogawa Fireworks From The Ichikawa City Side Riverbed
Watch Edogawa Fireworks At Ozu Disaster Prevention Park

If you’re looking for a more laid-back fireworks viewing experience, the Ichikawa side of the river is your best bet.

There you have it, our insider’s guide to the best viewing spots for the Edogawa Fireworks Festival. Choose your favorite place, wack on your best yukata, and prepare for an unforgettable evening of spectacular pyrotechnics.

Pro Tip: One final note. If you want to take your Hanabi skills up to the next level like a true local. Head down to Daiso, buy the biggest blue tarp you can, and start staking out your claim in the park the night before.  Just be prepared to head back early the next day to defend your humble Hanabi domain like a waring-states-period Daimyo!

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