Adachi Sports Center in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a comprehensive sports facility with a park attached, located in Higashi-Hokima, Adachi-ku, about 2 km northeast of the Adachi-ku City Office.

The facility is equipped with a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities based on the concept of “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, Forever.

Indoor sports facilities include large and small gymnasiums for table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and other sports that were very popular at the Olympics, as well as full-scale judo, kendo, and kyudo dojo.

As for outdoor sports facilities, there is a 485-meter-long jogging course where you can jog or walk while enjoying the seasonal flowers and plants, a picnic area, and tennis courts.

There is also a 3-on-3 basketball court and a dedicated skating area, making it possible to play a variety of sports. The park is also equipped with a parking lot, making it the perfect place to get some exercise.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive
Park Name Adachi City Sogo Sports Center(Adachiku Sogo Soupotsu Sentaa)
Park Address 2-27 Higashi Hokima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, roller skating rink, basketball goal, tennis court
Combination playground equipment Slides Swing set
Climbing rope Art playground equipment Art Playground Equipment
Stretch Playground Equipment (Back Stretch) Stretch equipment (sit-ups) Stretch equipment (pressure points)
Stretch equipment (Parallel bars) Stretch equipment (forward bending table) Stretch equipment (hanging)
Stretch equipment (waist rotation) Stretch equipment (ladder) Sandbox
Multipurpose square (soccer, etc.) Tennis courts (8 courts in total, tennis practice boards) Health square (warm-up/cool-down)
Basketball goal Outdoor swimming pool (summer only) Jogging/walking course
General gymnasium (Childcare Salon Higashi Hokima) Parking lot


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