The jogging course at the Adachi Sports Center in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, is a 480-meter circuit (one-way counterclockwise) with rubber-chip pavement, making it an ideal course for walking or running.

The course is paved with rubber chips, making it ideal for walking and running. There are distance markers along the side of the course to help you keep pace.

Image Source: Tokyo Navi vai archive


Park Name (Adachiku Sogo Soupotsu Sentaa (Adachiku Sogo Soupotsu Sentaa)
Park Address 2-27 Higashi Hokima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
1312101009_52 1312101009_53 1312101009_54
Jogging Course Jogging course (200m point) Course information board
1312101009_55 1312101009_56 1312101009_57
Jogging course (100 m point) Jogging course (300 meters) Jogging course (400 m point)


*Image Source: Tokyo Navi vai archive

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