Travelers in Tokyo looking for a tattoo-friendly onsen can now rejoice.

A private service offers tickets and directions to a unique onsen experience in the heart of central Tokyo.

With both indoor and outdoor baths, visitors can relax while enjoying stunning views of the iconic Tokyo Sky Tree.

Located near Metro Oshiage station, this experience includes onsen admission and the option to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Don’t forget to bring face towels as bath towels are only available in the changing room.

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Quick Takeaways

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Quick Takeaways

  • This private service provides tickets and directions to a tattoo-friendly onsen in central Tokyo.
  • Men and women can use the outdoor baths on alternate days.
  • The indoor baths at the onsen can be used at any time.
  • Writing a review later will earn you a small gift.

Overview and Location

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Overview and Location

One tattoo-friendly onsen is located in central Tokyo and provides an overview of its services and location.

Travelers with tattoos often face cultural challenges when trying to find a welcoming onsen in Tokyo. However, this particular onsen offers a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all visitors.

Men and women can enjoy the outdoor baths on alternate days, while the indoor baths are accessible at any time. Guests can also take in breathtaking views of the Tokyo Sky Tree while relaxing in the onsen.

The meeting point is conveniently located at 3-chōme-14-9 Narihira, Sumida City, Tokyo, and can be easily accessed from the Metro Oshiage station. Detailed location information will be emailed the day before the visit.

With its welcoming atmosphere and convenient location, this tattoo-friendly onsen is a must-visit for travelers in Tokyo.

Inclusions and Optional Extras

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Inclusions and Optional Extras

The tattoo-friendly onsen in Tokyo includes various features and optional extras for visitors. The onsen admission ticket grants access to the tattoo-friendly facilities. Visitors can also earn a small gift by writing a review of their experience.

For those who enjoy a drink while relaxing, alcoholic beverages are available. However, it’s important to note that bath towels are only provided in the changing room. Visitors can choose to rent a towel for an additional fee.

Moreover, if sauna benefits appeal to visitors, there is an optional sauna fee. To fully enjoy the onsen experience, it is recommended to bring face towels and follow proper etiquette. This includes covering the front of the body with a towel while in the bathtub.

Logistics and Requirements

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Logistics and Requirements

The logistics and requirements for visiting the tattoo-friendly onsen in Tokyo include specific guidelines and considerations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Stroller accessibility is available, making it convenient for families with young children to visit.

However, alcohol consumption during bathing isn’t allowed, as it can pose risks to individuals with heart disease or high blood pressure.

It’s important to note that the onsen isn’t wheelchair accessible, so individuals with mobility challenges may need to consider alternative options.

Confirmation will be received at the time of booking, and it’s recommended to arrive with a full stomach and well-hydrated to avoid discomfort.

Plus, visitors are advised to bring face towels, as bath towels are only available in the changing room.

Following these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at the tattoo-friendly onsen in Tokyo.

Cancellation Policy

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the tattoo-friendly onsen in Tokyo offers a full refund for cancellations made up to 24 hours in advance. This allows travelers the flexibility to change their plans without any financial consequences. However, it is important to note that cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded. Therefore, it is recommended to make any changes or cancellations well in advance to avoid losing the booking fee. The cut-off times for cancellations are based on the local time of the experience, ensuring fairness for all participants. Plus, if the minimum number of travelers required for the experience is not met, the option of choosing a different date or receiving a full refund will be offered.

Cancellation Policy
Full refund for cancellations made up to 24 hours in advance
No refund for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance
Changes made less than 24 hours in advance will not be accepted

Pricing, Reviews, and Additional Information

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Pricing, Reviews, and Additional Information

Visitors can find pricing, reviews, and additional information about the tattoo-friendly onsen experience in Tokyo.

The pricing for this unique experience starts at $30.75.

To get an idea of the customer experience, there are numerous reviews available on Viator and Tripadvisor. These reviews provide valuable insights from previous visitors who’ve enjoyed the onsen.

One customer, Amelia_B, describes the experience as ‘precious’ in her review from January 2023.

It’s recommended to perform checks on the reviews to ensure their authenticity and reliability.

For any additional information or assistance, visitors can refer to the Viator Help Center or check the product code 245921P1.

This tattoo-friendly onsen experience offers an opportunity to relax and unwind in a traditional Japanese setting while appreciating the stunning views of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Directions to the Onsen

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Directions to the Onsen

How can travelers find the tattoo-friendly onsen in central Tokyo? Navigating cultural norms while traveling with tattoos can be challenging, but there’s a solution for those seeking a relaxing soak in Tokyo.

Located in central Tokyo, this tattoo-friendly onsen offers a unique experience for visitors. To find the onsen, travelers should meet at Metro Oshiage station, which is easily accessible by Hanzomon line or Asakusa line. The exact location will be emailed to participants the day before their visit.

Once at the onsen, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor baths, with men and women alternating their use of the outdoor baths on different days. As an added bonus, guests can also admire breathtaking views of the Tokyo Sky Tree while soaking in the warm waters.

Enjoying the Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Enjoying the Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink

After finding the tattoo-friendly onsen in central Tokyo, travelers can fully enjoy their experience by indulging in the relaxing open-air baths and savoring a refreshing drink.

The benefits of open air onsen bathing are numerous. Not only do the warm waters help to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation, but the fresh air and beautiful surroundings enhance the overall experience. The open-air baths offer stunning views of the Tokyo Sky Tree, allowing guests to soak in the natural beauty of their surroundings while rejuvenating their bodies.

Plus, the cultural significance of tattoos in Japan adds another layer of interest to the experience. While tattoos have traditionally been associated with the yakuza, the acceptance of tattooed individuals in public spaces, such as this tattoo-friendly onsen, is a sign of changing attitudes towards body art in Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo-Friendly Open-Air Onsen & Drink - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tattoos Allowed in the Onsen?

Tattoos are accepted at the onsen, despite cultural views on tattoos in Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy the open-air baths and indoor baths, with the option to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Is There a Time Limit for Using the Onsen?

There is no specific time limit for using the tattoo-friendly onsen. However, it is important to follow proper onsen etiquette, such as not staying in the baths for an excessive amount of time.

Can Children Use the Onsen?

Children can enjoy the onsen as it offers family-friendly facilities and ensures their safety. The venue provides a welcoming environment for kids, allowing them to experience the relaxation and cultural significance of the open-air baths.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Using the Onsen?

Age restrictions for using the onsen are not mentioned. However, it is important to note that in Japanese culture, tattoos can carry negative connotations due to their association with organized crime.

Is There a Dress Code for the Onsen?

There is a dress code for the onsen. While tattoos are allowed, it is customary to cover them with a towel in the bathing area. As for clothing options, bath towels are provided in the changing room.

The Sum Up

Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Tokyo with the tattoo-friendly open-air onsen experience. Relax and unwind in the soothing waters while taking in breathtaking views of the iconic Tokyo Sky Tree.

This unique opportunity allows travelers with tattoos to enjoy a traditional Japanese onsen, complete with both indoor and outdoor baths.

With the convenience of Metro Oshiage station as the meeting point, this experience is a must for anyone looking to enjoy Tokyo’s vibrant culture.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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