National Stadium (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

The National Stadium in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo was built as the venue for the Tokyo Olympics. It is now known as the venue for the semi-finals and finals of the National High School Football Championships and concerts by idol groups.

 Edogawa Ward General Recreation Park (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Nagisa Park in Sogo Recreation Park in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, is a facility used for youth soccer and other activities. The pitch is a dirt field with two courts available.

 Rinkai Ball Stadium (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Rinkai Ball Stadium in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, was built on top of the Kasai Water Reclamation Center of the Bureau of Sewerage and is located on the north side of the park. The ground is an all-weather artificial turf ground and can be used for lacrosse, football, rugby and other sports in addition to soccer.

 Tatsumi no Mori Seaside Park (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Tatsumi no Mori Kaihin Koen (Tatsumi Forest Seaside Park) is located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and the soccer field is used for youth soccer and other activities. There is space for two courts in the plaza.

 Shibuya-ku Sports Center (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

The Shibuya Sports Center (Shibuyaku Sports Center) in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, has one soccer court and a dirt pitch. You need to register as a user to use the facilities, and you need to meet the requirements of living or working in Shibuya Ward.

 Komazawa Olympic Park (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

Komazawa Olympic Park in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is a soccer field with rubber-tipped turf field, night lighting, meeting rooms, changing rooms and shower rooms. In addition to soccer, the park is also used for track and field, lacrosse, gateball and other sports.

 Oi Futo Central Seaside Park (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Oi Futo Central Seaside Park in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, is an artificial turf ball field with spectator seating, changing rooms and nighttime lighting facilities located in the park’s No. 2 ball field. The hours of use are from 9:00 to 21:00.

 Hamacho Park (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Hamacho Park in Chuo-ku, Tokyo is a multi-purpose sports ground that can be used for softball, softball and soccer, and is located on a sand-filled artificial grass field in the Hamacho Sports Ground.

 Showa Park (Akishima City, Tokyo)

The Showa Park soccer field in Akishima City, Tokyo, has one soccer field within the track of the athletic field, and group registration is required in advance to use the Showa Park athletic field.

 Tobuki Sports Park (Hachioji City, Tokyo)

Tobuki Sports Park in Hachioji City, Tokyo has one long-pile artificial turf field (two for juniors) and is equipped with night lighting. The multi-purpose field can also be used as a rugby field.

 Fuchu City Folk Forest Park (Fuchu City, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Fuchu City Homeland Forest Park has one natural grass court and one artificial grass court. The courts are located between the Fuchu Tamagawa Kaze no Michi and the Tama River. The ground is equipped with rugby poles as well as soccer goals, so rugby can also be played. The name of the field is “Hometown Forest Soccer Ground”.

 Akabane Sports no Mori Park (Kita-ku, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Akabane Sports-no-mori Park in Kita-ku, Tokyo, has an artificial grass pitch with an electric board, night lighting, changing rooms, locker rooms, meeting rooms, and a referee room. The capacity is 1,000 people and can be used for futsal, gateball, etc. in addition to soccer.

 Oizumi Sakura Sports Park (Nerima Ward, Tokyo)

The soccer field at Oizumi Sakura Undo Koen in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward is located within the park’s multi-purpose sports ground. The pitch is made of soil and is surrounded by a net. The field is 123m x 89m in size and is used for soccer, roughnecks, new sports, etc.

 Kiyose Uchiyama Sports Park (Kiyose City, Tokyo)

Kiyose Uchiyama Undo Koen (Kiyose Uchiyama Sports Park) in Kiyose City, Tokyo has two soccer courts on a fenced field. The pitches are artificial grass and are equipped with night lighting. The park is a 20-minute walk from the south exit of JR Niiza Station.

 Shimojyuku No.3 Sports Park (Kiyose City, Tokyo)

Shimojyuku No.3 Athletic Park is adjacent to Kiyose Uchiyama Athletic Park, an athletic facility built on the roof of Kiyose Water Reclamation Center, and has an artificial grass soccer field and tennis courts (4 hard courts and 2 omni courts) in the park. To access the park, take the bus bound for Daita-danchi from the north exit of Kiyose Station and walk about 20 minutes from the last stop.

 Koishikawa Sports Ground (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

The Koishikawa Sports Ground in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo has one official size soccer court (105m x 68m) and the pitch is JFA approved long pile artificial turf. The pitch is made of JFA-approved long-pile artificial turf. The facility is fully equipped with nighttime lighting, so you can enjoy night games. The facility can also be used for softball and softball.

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