On August 19th and 20th Ueno is about to host its 5th annual Bon Dance Festival combined with the Discover Fukushima Summer Festival. This year’s event promises to be a blend of tradition, entertainment, food, and loads of fun!

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

Time to Dance at Oka-chimachi Panda Square

The main event, the Bon Dance Festival, kicks off at 11:00 am and goes on till 8:30 pm on August 19th and 20th. Dancing isn’t restricted to any age or skill – everyone’s welcome to groove to traditional Bon Dance tunes, as well as some J-POP and anime songs!

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

There’s even a special Children’s Bon Dance Time, where the little ones can dance atop the Yagura tower. What’s more? They’ll be treated with sweets after their dance!

Live Artist Performances

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

Featured artists include the likes of Kosho Sakura, Team Mekke-zu, and PlatinumCats, among many others.

Not just that, there’s also a character costume show and many more stage events to keep you entertained!

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Dive into Fukushima’s Best!

The event is organized by Space One Corporation, a  company based in Fukushima with a business office in Ueno, Tokyo. The company operates an online store called ‘Fukushima Marketplace’ dedicated to promoting the delicacies and charms of Fukushima products to consumers. This festival, set at the Oka-chimachi Panda Square, is designed to give attendees a delightful taste (literally and figuratively) of Fukushima.

Delicious Fukushima Treats

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

You can’t attend a festival without indulging in food, right? The Fukushima Stalls will be serving scrumptious local delicacies from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm. Dive into delectable dishes like Namie yakisoba, Fukushima beef sirloin steak skewers, seafood grills, and a special horse meat stew, all while sipping on Fukushima’s finest sake and craft beer.

A Corner Just for Kids

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

The festival has got the young ones covered! Between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, there’s a special kids’ corner offering fun activities like painting on traditional Aizu dolls and an interactive beetle booth where they can observe and even touch these fascinating insects.

The Grown-ups’ Pre-Festival

But wait! Before the main event, there’s an evening just for the adults on August 18th. You can indulge in music and drinks at this laid-back pre-festival. With popular singers like Shinohama Leon and the nostalgic vibes from Nuts Mellows, it’s set to be a night of entertainment and relaxation.

And if you have the munchies? The Fukushima Stalls will be up, offering delicious gourmet treats, Japanese sake, craft beer, shochu, and wine from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Concurrently Happening: Fukushima Fair at Matsuzakaya Ueno Store

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival

From August 16th to 22nd, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store is hosting the Fukushima Fair, a golden opportunity to purchase delicious peaches, veggies, groceries, and Japanese sake. And if you shop between the 16th to the 20th, you might just get a complimentary peach juice!

For a detailed schedule and other specifics, head on over to the official event website here.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, this is an event you wouldn’t want to miss. Revel in the charm of Ueno blended with the richness of Fukushima at this summer fiesta!

Event Details:

Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
Shitamachi Ueno Furosato Bon Dance Festival
  • Event Name: The 5th annual Furusato Bon Dance Festival with Discover! Fukushima Summer Festival.
  • Event Date: August 19th (Saturday) & 20th (Sunday).
  • Location: Okachimachi Panda Square.

Special Events:

  • Adult’s Eve Festival: August 18th (Friday), from 16:00 to 20:30. Featuring music and drinks.
  • Fukushima Fair: Concurrent event from August 16th (Wednesday) to August 22nd (Tuesday) at Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, B1F Hoppe Town.

Event Activities:

  • August 18th (Pre-event):
    • Popular singer Shinohama Leon and the nostalgic Nuts mellows.
    • Bon dance practice at 18:00.
  • August 19th & 20th:
    • Bon dance from 16:30 to 20:30. Dance to a mix of traditional and contemporary music including Anisong and J-POP.
    • Artist performances from 11:00 to 20:30.
    • Special guest performers: Koshio Sakura, Team Me-k~zu, Plus One, and many others.
    • Character mascot shows.

Food & Drinks:

  • Fukushima stalls: Offering delicious Fukushima gourmet. Includes Japanese sake, craft beer, shochu, wine, and many more.
  • Exclusive dishes: Namie Yakisoba, Fukushima Beef Sirloin Steak Skewer, seafood grill, and other local delicacies.

Kids’ Activities:

  • Kids Corner: From 11:00 to 15:00.
    • Experience painting traditional Aizu crafts, such as the Okiagari Koboshi and Kokeshi.
    • Beetle interaction booth with beetles from Mushimushi Land in Tamura City, Fukushima.

Additional Info:

  • Concurrent Event: Fukushima Fair @ Matsuzakaya Ueno Store’s B1F Hoppe Town from August 16th to 22nd. Special offers include free peach juice with purchases during a limited time period.
  • Official Website: Event Link

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