Discover the stunning beauty of Mt Fuji and Hakone on the immersive ‘Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip.’ This tour offers a convenient and private experience, allowing travelers to explore at their own pace.

With various pickup options available, including Yokohama for an extra fee, this tour provides flexibility and comfort. Passenger requirements, pickup information, and additional fees are all covered in this comprehensive guide.

Get set for a memorable journey through the natural wonders of Japan.

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Quick Takeaways

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Quick Takeaways

  • Pickup times scheduled at 07:30 AM
  • Several pickup options available in Tokyo and Yokohama
  • Additional fee and cash payment required for Yokohama pickup
  • Foldable wheelchairs allowed, subject to capacity

Pickup Points and Times

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Pickup Points and Times

Pickup times for the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip are scheduled at 07:30 AM, providing passengers with an early start to their adventure.

When it comes to pickup points, passengers have several options to choose from. They can select the most convenient location for them, whether it’s in Tokyo or Yokohama. It’s worth noting that Yokohama pickup is available for an additional fee, and passengers will need to make a cash payment to the driver for this service.

As for the tour duration and route options, passengers are advised to check the message they receive for more information. This will give them a clear idea of how long the tour will last and the different routes they can expect to explore.

Passenger Requirements and Details

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Passenger Requirements and Details

When joining the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip, passengers are required to meet certain criteria and provide specific details.

For wheelchair accessibility, foldable wheelchairs are allowed on the trip, but this is subject to the passenger capacity.

It’s important to note that during super peak season, public holidays, or New Year, Mt Fuji may not be visited.

In terms of infant and child accommodations, infants aged 9 months to 3 years old require a request and an additional cash payment. Plus, children aged 4 years and above can request a child booster chair.

To ensure smooth communication, passengers are advised to install WhatsApp or LINE chat for real-time communication.

It’s essential to meet these criteria and provide the necessary details to have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Disclaimer and Additional Fees

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Disclaimer and Additional Fees

During the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip, passengers should be aware of the disclaimer and be prepared for any additional fees that may apply.

It’s important to note that while the tour ensures a comfortable and convenient experience, certain factors are beyond the control of the supplier. Therefore, passengers should understand that the supplier isn’t responsible for hospitalization bills, injuries, damages, or losses that may occur during the trip. The liability coverage is limited to the terms and conditions set forth by the supplier.

Plus, there are specific exclusions such as terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, non-disclosure of chronic illness, bad weather, and traffic accidents caused by others.

Passengers should also be aware that there may be additional fees for Yokohama pickup, which should be paid in cash to the driver.

It’s recommended to review the full details of the disclaimer and additional fees to ensure a smooth and informed journey.

Cancellation Policy

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip allows for different date options or a full refund in the event of poor weather. If the weather conditions aren’t suitable for the tour, participants have the option to reschedule for another available date or receive a full refund.

This policy ensures that customers aren’t inconvenienced by unpredictable weather conditions and have the flexibility to enjoy the tour at a more favorable time. To initiate the cancellation and refund process, participants are required to contact the tour provider directly and provide the necessary details.

The refund will be processed according to the payment method used during the booking. It’s important to note that the cancellation policy is non-refundable and non-changeable for reasons other than poor weather.

Reviews and Ratings

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Reviews and Ratings

Based on the overall rating of 5.0 based on 3 reviews, the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip has received positive feedback from customers. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with the tour experience.

The reviews highlight the tour guide’s expertise in providing a memorable and informative journey. Customers have expressed their appreciation for the well-planned itinerary and the guide’s knowledge about the attractions and history of the region.

The tour guide’s ability to answer questions and provide helpful recommendations has also been praised. The positive reviews demonstrate that customers have had a satisfactory and enjoyable experience, making this tour a reliable choice for those looking to explore Mt Fuji and Hakone in a convenient and informative manner.


Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Directions

One important aspect of the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip is providing clear and concise directions for participants to follow.

When it comes to directions, there are several possible options for transportation to consider. One option is to take a private car or taxi, which allows for flexibility and convenience. Another option is to take public transportation, such as buses or trains, which can be more cost-effective. Plus, some participants may choose to join a guided tour, where transportation is provided as part of the package.

It’s important to carefully consider these transportation options and choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Wheelchair for the Tour?

Yes, passengers can bring their own foldable wheelchair for the tour. The tour also offers alternative transportation options for those who require assistance.

What Happens if the Weather Is Poor on the Day of the Tour?

If the weather is poor on the day of the tour, alternative activities may be offered. The refund policy depends on the specific circumstances. It is advisable to contact the tour provider for more information and clarification.

Are There Any Additional Fees for the Yokohama Pickup?

Yes, there are additional fees for the Yokohama pickup. The passenger will need to pay the driver in cash for this service. It is important to check the pickup times and details.

Can Infants Under 9 Months Old Join the Tour?

Infants under 9 months old cannot join the tour due to safety reasons. The tour accommodations are designed for children starting from 9 months to 3 years old, with additional cash payment and a request required.

Is There a Minimum Number of Passengers Required for the Tour to Operate?

There is no minimum passenger requirement for the tour. They accommodate foldable wheelchairs, but infants under 9 months old are not allowed. Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip.

The Sum Up

Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip - The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Private Transport Mt Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Trip offers a convenient and private way to explore the natural wonders of Japan. With various pickup options, passenger requirements catered to, and a hassle-free cancellation policy, this tour ensures a comfortable and flexible experience.

The reviews and ratings from previous travelers attest to the unforgettable journey that awaits. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this captivating adventure to Mt Fuji and Hakone.

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