Best public parks in Inagi City, Tokyo

Inajokita Ryokuchi Park

Inagikita Ryokuchi Park is a park located along the Tama River, which flows along the northern border of Inagi City. The park stretches long and narrow along the Tama River and has many sports facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and a skate park where skateboarding is available.

Inagi Central Park

This park covers a vast area of approximately 200,000 m2. It is known as a well-equipped location for local athletic facilities, and is mainly used for its general gymnasium, general grounds, and baseball field. The general gymnasium and the general ground are the most widely used sports park in Inagi City, as they host the Inagi City Sports Festival, which can be said to be the city’s largest sports festival.

Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park has sports facilities such as tennis courts and basketball goals, as well as an observation tower. The tower is a steel-framed structure with a height of 24 meters. The observatory is 127 meters above sea level, and on a clear day you can see as far as Mt.

Wakabadai Park

Wakabadai Park has a baseball field, tennis courts, and other sports facilities, as well as children’s playground equipment such as combination playground equipment and climbing trails. The park also has a lawn area where you can enjoy barbecues, so why not take the family out for a fun day?

Daimaru Park

Oomaru Park is a 1.6-hectare park about a 5-minute walk from Minami Tama Station on the JR Nambu Line. The park has combination and spring playground equipment for children, health playground equipment, a water playground, tennis courts, and a large lawn area.

Yamazakura Park

Yamazakura Park is a park with children’s playground equipment such as combination playground equipment and spring playground equipment, as well as a basketball goal. In spring, cherry blossoms add color to the park.

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