Permanently Closed: Please note that the Pallate Town entertainment complex and shopping center has closed for redevelopment

Located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Palette Town is a large-scale entertainment facility symbolized by the Giant Ferris Wheel.

The facility includes Megaweb, an interactive amusement park, Tokyo Leisureland Palette Town, an indoor amusement facility, Venus Fort, an entertainment shopping mall, and ZEPPTOKYO, a live music club.

Park Name Palette Town
Park Address Within Palette Town, 1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Official Site Palette Town
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Giant Ferris Wheel Entrance to Palette Town MegaWeb, an interactive amusement park
1310861005_05 1310861005_06 1310861005_07
Indoor amusement facility Tokyo Leisureland Palette Town Entertainment shopping mall VenusFort Live music club ZEPPTOKYO

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