Ominami Park in Musashimurayama City, Tokyo is a 5.5 hectare park with a baseball field, tennis courts, gate ball field, walking course (short course 240m, long course 750m) and swimming pool. The park also has a swimming pool.

There are also panda and lion objets d’art above the toilets, otters, elephants, and pandas on the playground, making this a park where small children can have fun.

The spacious park also has a wooded area that is relatively cool even in summer. There is also a walking course to enjoy a leisurely stroll.

Park Name (Ominami Park)
Park Address 2542 Midorigaoka, Musashimurayama City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, slides, seesaw, swing equipment, iron bars, outdoor swings, and swings
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, Tennis court
Combination Playground Equipment Combination playground equipment for toddlers Seesaw
Swing playground equipment Untei Iron bar
Swing playground equipment (otter) Swing play equipment (Bike) Swing equipment (Shinkansen)
Swing set Wide slider Health playground equipment (sit-ups)
Health playground equipment (back stretcher) Health playground equipment (parallel bars) Tennis court
Baseball field Walking course Swimming pool (scheduled for removal in 2013)
Rest area Tables and benches Drinking water vending machines
Restrooms where pandas will greet you Parking lot Gate ball field

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