The Nagano Private Two Day Tour is a customizable and authentic experience for travelers seeking a unique adventure in Nagano, Japan.

With visits to popular attractions like the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and Zenko-ji Temple, guests can enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the region.

Accommodation options range from traditional Japanese hotels to 3-star or 4/5-star hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The tour also allows for a free day to enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or exploring the city on your own.

With knowledgeable guides and a range of highlights, this tour promises a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Key Points

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Key Points

  • The Nagano Private Two Day Tour includes visits to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, and Obuse.
  • Accommodation options for the tour include traditional Japanese hotels (ryokans) with 3 Star or 4/5 Star options available.
  • The tour does not include meals, but guests have the freedom to explore the city or engage in snowboarding/skiing on their own.
  • The tour provides a unique experience with impromptu visits to places like a recycle shop and offers the opportunity to enjoy roasted chestnuts and delicious soba for lunch.

Tour Itinerary and Highlights

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Tour Itinerary and Highlights
The tour itinerary for the Nagano private two-day tour includes stops at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, and Obuse, with an overnight stay at a traditional Japanese hotel and the option to visit Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort/Alpine Garden on the second day.

At Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, visitors can witness the amazing experience of observing snow monkeys in their natural habitat.

The tour also includes a ryokan stay, which is a highlight of the trip. Guests will have the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese hospitality and enjoy a delicious dinner and breakfast. The ryokan offers a comfortable and authentic setting for a relaxing stay.

With its focus on freedom, the tour allows guests to explore the attractions at their own pace and enjoy the unique experiences that Nagano has to offer.

Day 1: Nagano, Japan

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Day 1: Nagano, Japan
Upon arrival in Nagano, visitors can explore Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, and Obuse, all of which are admission-free.

These cultural attractions offer a glimpse into Nagano’s rich history and traditions. The Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park is a unique experience, where visitors can observe wild Japanese macaques bathing in hot springs.

Zenko-ji Temple, one of Japan’s most important Buddhist temples, is a serene and spiritual place where visitors can explore the main hall and participate in religious rituals.

In Obuse, you can enjoy the local culture by visiting art galleries, traditional shops, and sampling Nagano’s local cuisine, such as soba noodles and locally-grown chestnuts.

These attractions provide a sense of freedom and exploration, allowing visitors to discover the beauty and charm of Nagano at their own pace.

3 Stops: Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, Obuse

Explore Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, and Obuse in Nagano, Japan. All of these attractions offer admission-free cultural experiences.

At Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, visitors can witness snow monkeys in their natural habitat. They can observe the monkeys bathing in hot springs and grooming themselves. This park provides a unique opportunity to observe the behavior of these fascinating animals.

Zenko-ji Temple is a historic Buddhist temple. It offers a serene and spiritual atmosphere for visitors to explore. They can also learn about Japanese Buddhism and its practices. The temple is a place of tranquility and reflection.

In Obuse, visitors can indulge in the local cuisine. This includes dishes like roasted chestnuts and delicious soba noodles. The town is known for its culinary delights. Plus, Obuse has charming streets lined with traditional houses. There are also art galleries showcasing the works of famous Japanese artists.

These attractions in Nagano offer a unique and enriching cultural experience. Visitors have the freedom to explore and enjoy the beauty of the region.

Accommodation: Overnight Stay at Traditional Japanese Hotel (Ryokan

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Accommodation: Overnight Stay at Traditional Japanese Hotel (Ryokan
Guests can enjoy an overnight stay at a traditional Japanese hotel, known as a ryokan, during their visit to Nagano. These ryokans offer a unique and immersive experience, allowing guests to fully enjoy the rich traditions and warm hospitality of Japan.

Here are three reasons why the ryokan experience is so special:

  1. Traditional Japanese Hospitality: Ryokans are known for their exceptional service and attention to detail. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel like valued members of the ryokan family.
  2. Authentic Cultural Experience: Staying at a ryokan allows guests to experience traditional Japanese customs and rituals firsthand. From sleeping on futon mattresses to wearing yukata robes, every aspect of the stay embodies the essence of Japanese culture.
  3. Tranquil Atmosphere: Ryokans are often located in serene and picturesque settings, surrounded by beautiful gardens or natural landscapes. This tranquil environment provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing guests to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.

Meals: Not Included

The tour package does not include meals for participants. However, participants have the freedom to explore traditional Japanese cuisine and local dining options during their stay in Nagano.

Nagano is known for its delicious and authentic food, offering a wide range of culinary experiences. From sushi and sashimi to ramen and tempura, there is something for all to enjoy.

Local dining options include cozy izakayas, where visitors can try various small plates and drinks, as well as traditional Japanese restaurants that serve kaiseki, a multi-course meal showcasing the seasonal ingredients. Plus, Nagano is famous for its soba noodles, which can be enjoyed at specialty soba restaurants.

With so many options available, participants can truly enjoy the local food culture and have the freedom to choose their own dining experiences.

Day 2: Free Day for Snowboarding/Skiing or Exploring the City on Your Own

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Day 2: Free Day for Snowboarding/Skiing or Exploring the City on Your Own
After a day of exploring Nagano’s cultural attractions, day two of the private two-day tour offers participants the freedom to choose their own adventure. With snowboarding/skiing options and city exploration options, travelers can tailor their day to their preferences.

Here are three exciting options to consider:

  1. Hit the slopes: Nagano is renowned for its world-class ski resorts, such as Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort. Enjoy the thrill of snowboarding or skiing down powdery slopes, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.
  2. Explore the city: For those seeking urban exploration, Nagano offers a charming cityscape filled with historical sites, museums, and quaint shops. Visit Zenko-ji Temple, one of Japan’s most important Buddhist temples, or wander the streets of Obuse, known for its traditional architecture and art galleries.
  3. Mix it up: Why not combine both snowboarding/skiing and city exploration? Spend the morning on the slopes, then head into the city for a leisurely afternoon of sightseeing and shopping.

With a free day at their disposal, travelers can embrace the freedom to create their own unforgettable experiences in Nagano.

1 Stop: Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort/Alpine Garden

Visitors can enjoy the thrill of snowboarding or skiing down powdery slopes at Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort. Nestled in the beautiful Japanese Alps, this resort offers a range of activities for snow enthusiasts of all skill levels.

With its well-groomed runs and stunning alpine scenery, Hakuba Goryu is a haven for winter sports lovers. The resort boasts a variety of slopes, from gentle beginner runs to challenging black diamond trails. Skiers and snowboarders can test their skills and experience the rush of adrenaline as they carve through the snow.

Along With the exhilarating activities, visitors can also take in the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or a first-time skier, Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with freedom and adventure.

Additional Information and Policies

Children aged 1-5 years old who participate in the tour will need to make separate arrangements for meals at the ryokan.

The tour has a firm cancellation policy based on the number of days before the event.

Accommodations for children in this age range include sleeping in the same bed or futon with their parents, with the option to have a separate futon at an additional cost.

  1. Cancellation policy: The tour has a strict cancellation policy, ensuring that spaces are not wasted and allowing for better planning and organization.
  2. Accommodations for children: The tour provides options for children aged 1-5, allowing them to sleep with their parents and providing the option for a separate futon at an additional cost.
  3. Freedom to make arrangements: By providing separate arrangements for meals at the ryokan, the tour allows families with young children the freedom to plan meals according to their needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour?

The cost of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour offers a great value for money, as it includes accommodation, transportation, and a knowledgeable guide. The tour provides an exceptional experience, making it worth the price paid.

Are Transportation Expenses Included in the Tour Price?

Yes, transportation expenses are included in the tour price. Guests can enjoy the convenience of having their transportation arranged for them, allowing for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience throughout the tour.

Can Vegetarian or Special Dietary Requirements Be Accommodated at the Ryokan?

Yes, vegetarian and special dietary requirements can be accommodated at the ryokan. The ryokan is vegetarian friendly and can provide meals that cater to specific dietary needs upon request.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participating in the Tour?

There is a minimum age requirement for tour participation, although it is not specified. It is recommended to check with the tour provider for specific age restrictions before booking.

Are There Any Optional Activities or Attractions That Can Be Added to the Itinerary?

Yes, there are optional activities and attractions that can be added to the itinerary. The tour offers a customizable itinerary, allowing guests to add additional attractions or activities based on their interests and preferences.

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