The Mt. Moiwa Ropeway in Sapporo, Japan, offers an unforgettable experience with stunning panoramic views of the city. With the ropeway taking you almost 4,000 feet above the city, it’s essential to book your tickets in advance to save time and avoid hassle. The ‘Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket’ is the focus of this article, providing valuable information for travelers planning their visit. Operated by HANATOUR JAPAN CO.LTD, this attraction promises a memorable adventure.

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Quick Takeaways

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Quick Takeaways

  • Mount Moiwa Ropeway offers stunning panoramic views of Sapporo city.
  • Booking tickets in advance is recommended to save time and avoid hassle.
  • The ropeway takes you 4,000 feet above the city, providing a unique perspective.
  • The experience is non-refundable and cannot be changed, so familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy before booking.

Overview and Booking

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Overview and Booking

The Mount Moiwa Ropeway offers visitors one of the best views of Sapporo city. To reach Mount Moiwa, visitors can book their tickets in advance through HANATOUR JAPAN CO.LTD, the operator of the ropeway. Booking in advance saves time and avoids hassle.

Once on the ropeway, visitors are taken almost 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) above the city, where they can enjoy panoramic views of Sapporo.

When planning a visit to Mount Moiwa, it’s important to consider the best time to go. The views are particularly stunning during sunset and nighttime when the city lights up. To make the most of the experience, visitors should check the weather forecast and plan their visit accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Cancellation Policy

Visitors should familiarize themselves with the cancellation policy before booking their Mount Moiwa Ropeway experience. It’s important to note that this experience is non-refundable and can’t be changed. The amount paid won’t be refunded in case of cancellation, and no refunds or amendments are allowed.

It’s advisable to thoroughly read and understand the cancellation policy to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments. In terms of the refund process, it’s recommended to contact the operator, HANATOUR JAPAN CO.LTD., for more information. Plus, it’s crucial to be aware of any exceptions to the cancellation policy that may exist.

Traveler Photos

Traveler photos offer a visual testament to the breathtaking beauty of Sapporo as seen from the Mount Moiwa Ropeway. Here are some reasons why exploring the photo gallery can provide inspiration and a glimpse into the beauty captured by visitors:

  • Panoramic Views: The photos showcase the stunning panoramic views of Sapporo city from the ropeway, allowing you to see the cityscape in all its glory.

  • Natural Beauty: The photos capture the natural beauty of Mount Moiwa and its surroundings, with lush greenery and picturesque landscapes.

  • City Lights: Get inspired by the photos showcasing the city lights of Sapporo at night, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

  • Seasonal Charm: Experience the changing seasons through the photos, from the vibrant cherry blossoms in spring to the snowy landscapes in winter.

  • Wanderlust: Let the traveler photos ignite your wanderlust and anticipation for your own visit to Mount Moiwa, as you imagine yourself capturing the beauty of Sapporo firsthand.


Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Reviews

Based on the overall rating and feedback from previous visitors, the experience of the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket has been highly regarded.

With an overall rating of 4.5 stars based on 6 reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor, it’s clear that customers have had positive experiences during their visits.

The operator performs checks on reviews to ensure authenticity, so readers can trust the feedback provided.

Reading the reviews can provide valuable insights from previous visitors and help potential guests make informed decisions.

Plus, it’s important to note that the best viewing times for the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket experience are during clear weather and in the evening, as it offers stunning panoramic views of Sapporo city.

Questions and Assistance

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Questions and Assistance

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket experience, visitors can contact the operator directly or visit the Viator Help Center.

Here are some common inquiries and the assistance available:

  • Booking: Get help with booking tickets in advance to save time and avoid hassle.

  • Ticket Information: Find information about ticket prices, availability, and types.

  • Operating Hours: Get details on the operating hours of the ropeway and Moriscar.

  • Accessibility: Inquire about accessibility options for individuals with disabilities.

  • Safety Measures: Seek assistance regarding safety measures implemented during the experience.

Whether you have questions about booking, ticket information, operating hours, accessibility, or safety measures, the operator and Viator Help Center are available to address your concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any assistance you need.

Directions to Mount Moiwa Ropeway

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Directions to Mount Moiwa Ropeway

Visitors can easily reach Mount Moiwa Ropeway by following these directions. To get to Mount Moiwa Ropeway, start by taking the Sapporo City Subway to Susukino Station. From there, transfer to the 188 bus and get off at the Moiwa-yama Ropeway Iriguchi bus stop. The ropeway station is just a short walk away. For those driving, there’s a parking lot available at the base station.

While visiting Mount Moiwa Ropeway, there are several nearby attractions worth exploring. One of them is the Moriscar Ski Resort, which offers great skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the winter. In the summer, you can enjoy hiking and nature walks in the surrounding area.

Another nearby attraction is the Moiwa Ski Resort, known for its powder snow and stunning views. It’s a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Plus, the Mount Moiwa Observatory provides breathtaking panoramic views of Sapporo and is a must-visit spot for photography enthusiasts.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Additional Tips and Recommendations

When planning your visit to Mount Moiwa Ropeway, it’s helpful to keep some additional tips and recommendations in mind.

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to ride the Mount Moiwa Ropeway is during sunset when you can witness the breathtaking view of Sapporo city bathed in golden light.

  • Dress Accordingly: The temperature at the summit can be significantly colder than at the base, so it’s advisable to dress in layers and bring a jacket or sweater.

  • Explore Local Attractions: Take some time to explore the nearby attractions, such as the Mt. Moiwa Observatory and Moriscar Night View Lounge, to make the most of your visit.

  • Plan for Crowds: The Mount Moiwa Ropeway is a popular tourist attraction, so it’s recommended to arrive early or consider visiting on weekdays to avoid large crowds.

  • Capture Memories: Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning panoramic views of Sapporo from the ropeway and create lasting memories of your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time of Day to Visit Mount Moiwa Ropeway for the Best Views of Sapporo?

The best time to visit for the best views of Sapporo is during sunset. The vibrant colors of the sky combined with the city lights below create a stunning sight.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Riding the Ropeway?

There are no age restrictions for riding the ropeway at Mt. Moiwa. However, it is important to note that safety measures are in place during the ropeway ride to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

Can I Bring Food or Drinks on the Ropeway?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring outside food on the ropeway, but there may be restrictions on outside drinks. It is advisable to check with the operator or refer to the guidelines provided.

Is There a Parking Facility Available at Mount Moiwa Ropeway?

Yes, there is parking available at Mount Moiwa Ropeway. Visitors have various transportation options, including driving and parking their vehicles. It is recommended to check for parking availability and fees beforehand.

Are There Any Hiking Trails or Other Activities Available at Mount Moiwa?

Yes, there are hiking trails and other outdoor activities available at Mount Moiwa. Explore the beautiful surroundings, go hiking on the trails, and enjoy various outdoor activities in the area.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway / Moriscar Ticket offers travelers a thrilling experience with stunning panoramic views of Sapporo.

By booking in advance and familiarizing yourself with the cancellation policy, you can ensure a hassle-free visit.

Traveler photos and reviews provide a glimpse into the breathtaking views and overall experience.

For any inquiries or assistance, the Viator Help Center and the operator are available to help.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

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