This page introduces parks in Tokyo that have long slides. We introduce a wide range of slides from roller slides with a total length of over 200 meters to wide slides.

 Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park (Ota Ward, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Omori Furusato no Hamabe Koen (Omori Furusato Hamabe Park) in Ota-ku, Tokyo, is a roller type slide that goes down from a small hill. How about experiencing the thrill while feeling the sea breeze?

 Oshima Komatsugawa Park (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Oshima Komatsugawa Park in Koto-ku, Tokyo, is located in the athletic plaza and is part of the combination playground equipment that can be enjoyed together with the athletic equipment.

 Kiyomizu-zaka Park (Kita-ku, Tokyo)

The Long Roller Slide at Shimizu-zaka Park in Kita-ku, Tokyo is a long roller slide with a total length of 52 meters. It is a very fast slide that curves right and left while sliding down through the green trees. It is a popular playground along with the water playground, so please give it a try.

 Tenno Park (Arakawa Ward, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Tenno Park in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, is an impressive slide down a small hill with colorful rollers. Enjoy the roller slide while playing in the water and cooling off in the shade of the trees.

 Ukida Sakura Park (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Ukita Sakura Park in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward is a roller slide that slides down a small hill in a corner of the large combination playground equipment.

 Hanaki-en (Ome City, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Kabokuen in Ome City, Tokyo is 211 meters long. Board rentals are available at the park’s shop for 200 yen per board, so why not use the rentals and enjoy the slides?

 Tonouchi Central Park (Hachioji City, Tokyo)

The long slide at Tono-iri-chuo Park in Hachioji, Tokyo is a 105 meter long roller slide that utilizes the natural terrain. Mats are located at the goal of the slide and can be used for free.

 Fussa Park (Fussa City, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Fussa Park in Fussa City, Tokyo, has three types of slides: a blue long roller slide on the right side facing the combination playground equipment, a pink roller slide on the left side, and a wide slide in the center.

 Koyamauchiura Park (Machida City, Tokyo)

Oyamadairi Park in Machida City, Tokyo, has three long sliders in a row, a regular type and a wide type.

 Akiyadai Park (Hachioji City, Tokyo)

The long slide at Akibadai Park in Hachioji City, Tokyo is installed on a pyramid-shaped structure built like a staircase, and it is a type of slide that goes straight down from the middle of the structure, like a wave. The slide is not a roller type, but a stainless steel type, which is often used for short type slides.

 Nakane Park (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

The long slide at Nakane Park in Meguro-ku, Tokyo is a straight type stainless steel slide. It is set up on the slope of a small hill, and when you stand at the start point, you will feel that it is quite high and quite a slope. However, guards are set up near the start and finish points, so even small children can use it safely.

 Kurokane Park (Kokubunji City, Tokyo)

The long roller slide at Kurogane Park in Kokubunji City, Tokyo, is located on the slope of a small mountain and is a type of slide that curves to the right as you slide down. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom around the long roller slide, so you can enjoy the popular slide in the warm and sunny weather.

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