In sync with the peak season of lavender viewing, the Kawaguchiko Herb Festival returns in 2023 giving you some majestic views of rich purple fields all backdropped by the Iconic Mt Fuji.

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival
Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

In Action from June 24 to July 17, this festival illuminates the Yamanashi Prefecture with hues of lavender fields, along with a stunning assortment of other herbs and flowers.

Kawaguchiko Herb Festival 2023: Highlights

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

Held at the Oishi Park and Yagizaki Park, alongside Lake Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi Prefecture, the Kawaguchiko Herb Festival offers a magnificent bloom show. Each year, from late June to early July, the star of the show – lavender – reaches its full bloom, painting the parks with waves of calming purple.

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

But the floral feast doesn’t end there. The parks also host a vibrant showcase of various herbs such as chamomile, and flowers like begonias, petunias, and fuchsia, offering a visual treat to the visitors.

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

What’s more, Oishi Park provides a perfect vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji. You can capture stunning photographs of lavender fields set against the majestic backdrop of Mount Fuji. It’s indeed a delightful spectacle to see the beautiful contrast of early summer’s Mount Fuji and the purple lavenders.

Kawaguchiko Herb Festival 2023: Essential Information

  • Name: 2023 Kawaguchiko Herb Festival
  • Date: June 24 to July 17, 2023
  • Time: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Venue: Oishi Park and Yagizaki Park, Lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Address: Yamanashi Prefecture, Minamitsuru District, Fujikawaguchiko Town, 2585 [Google Map]
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Parking: Free parking is available

The Sum Up

Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

The Kawaguchiko Herb Festival is a great opportunity to see some great views of Mt Fuji, witness spectacular floral blooms, and capture some cool shots. Don’t miss this floral extravaganza in the scenic surroundings of Lake Kawaguchiko.

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