When you get that urge to do some grass sliding with the kids, here’s our list of parks in Tokyo with grass slide facilities.

Toneri Park (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)

Toneri Park Grass Slide Adachi Tokyo


The sledding slope at Toneri Park in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, is a full-scale facility where visitors can enjoy sledding on grass for free. There are two courses: a beginner course (16 degrees slope) on the right side of the slope when viewed from the goal, and an advanced course (20 degrees slope) on the left side of the slope when viewed from the goal.

Oizumi Central Park (Nerima Ward, Tokyo)

The grass slide course at Oizumichuo Park in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward is very popular with children, who can slide on the grass using cardboard boxes and other materials laid on their backs. The park can get crowded on weekends, so be sure to take your turn and slide safely.

Koganei Park (Koganei City, Tokyo)


The sledding slope at Koganei Park in Koganei-shi, Tokyo, is located on Fujimi Hill in front of Tsukinoki Hiroba in the center of the park, and is a free playground where visitors can use rental sleds. You can also bring your own sleds. The hours of use are from 10:00 to 16:00, and it is closed in case of rain.

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